Fear Is a Roadblock to a Happy Life

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Why Overcome Fear?

Fear can be the ultimate saboteur. It can keep you from letting people into your life and even cause you to destroy relationships. Likewise, you may encounter loved ones who will push you away due to their own fear. When it’s severe, fear can keep you stuck at home, afraid to go out and do things on your own.

These are just some of the ways that fear can freeze up your life, keeping you from love and happiness. Whether it’s random, chronic, or a response to trauma, everyone struggles with fear at some point or another during their lives. Yet, for the reasons mentioned above, this status quo isn’t sustainable. The question then becomes, of course, how does one overcome fear in order to live a happier life?

Different Types of Fear

Some fears are just innate, such as a fear of the dark, spiders, or lightning. Others are conditioned and come from experience — like going to the dentist, getting a shot, or being stung by a bee. In those situations, you have been trained or conditioned to react to certain stimuli. Some of these are manageable.

However, the type of fear in question here is either a result of something that has already happened that you do not want to experience again or something that may theoretically happen, and you are so concerned that it keeps you from moving forward. When it becomes restrictive and impacts your life, it becomes important to overcome fear for your own happiness.

How To Overcome Fear

Whether you fear something you’ve already experienced or something that hasn’t happened yet but might, know that it is keeping you from a happier life for no real reason! It’s a roadblock, but you can overcome fear and remove that roadblock with the right tools.

Get Out of Your Head

The first major step to overcoming fear is getting out of your own head. To do so, try distancing yourself from what you’re experiencing. Read the statement below and fill in the blank:

“When [blank] happens, I feel my old fear coming up.”

For example: “When I go on a date with someone new, I feel my old fear coming up.” Now you know where it comes from and can explore why you feel that way. If you’re scared of going on dates, for instance, maybe you’re remembering the end of a previous relationship or another emotionally difficult time. The solution is to prepare a positive affirmation to help you overcome fear and retrain your mind. An example of such an affirmation is:

“When [blank] happens, I will remember that I am strong and safe and can protect myself! I am confident in myself and will take a deep breath, hold my head up, and move forward!”

Another way to distance yourself when trying to overcome fear is to seek an outside perspective. You can talk to family members and friends for support, and if your fear is truly debilitating, be sure to seek out a mental health professional. If you are spiritual in any way, reaching out to a spiritual teacher or psychic may also offer a helpful perspective.

Retrain Your Brain

Take your fears and use positive affirmations to begin retraining your brain. Write your positive statement down for each fear, then put them in a place where you can see them. Alternatively, you can put them in somewhere like your wallet or phone, so you can read them whenever you need to. You can also say them out loud any time your mind starts to go to that negative place. While this alone may not allow you to overcome fear, it will help you adjust your patterns of thinking as you continue working on yourself.

You Control Your Mind

The more you use your positive affirmations, the easier things become. However, you need to be vigilant and know that you (and only you) are in control of your mind. Try to stay in control of where your mind goes, and reroute it back up toward the light when you feel yourself sliding backward.

Don’t get frustrated or disheartened if you have lapses or if progress is slow. It takes time, continuous effort, and support. Just remember: you can have a happier life and overcome fear once you understand whatever is holding you back. Take action, work on yourself, and seek help when you need it. If you do, you can trust that you will be able to overcome fear and learn to laugh and love again!

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6 thoughts on “Fear Is a Roadblock to a Happy Life

  1. Maggie May

    I only have one fear, which is public speaking and I have suffered for several years from it. So many people speak in front of audiences with ease, but it’s so hard for me. I wish I had read your article sooner. It would have helped me to avoid a few embarrassing moments in my work and school life. I’ll try the affirmations you gave. Thank you.

  2. Christine McCaffery

    Yes, you are absolutely right and I need to get out of my head and the negative thoughts that keep me from being happy and moving forward.


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