Pluto and You

Sometimes you just need a clean slate, a fresh start, a clearing out of all that you’ve outgrown – that’s when Pluto is your best friend. Everything goes that has outlived its usefulness.

However, if you’re like many of us, that kind of sweeping, radical, permanent change is looked upon with dread. Yet, whether it’s to your taste or not, Pluto plays a part in every life. It’s responsible for the soul’s journey, for our deepest truest passions, for sex and for death.

Interestingly, Pluto itself has undergone change. In recent years, astronomers have voted to redefine it as a secondary planet or a dwarf planet – nonetheless it still packs a real punch.

Pluto’s influence
If you, a friend or a relative has a lot of Pluto in their chart, (if it rules the ascendant,  sun or moon, or more than three planets in Scorpio)) you may have noticed that they experience sudden, dramatic change in one fell swoop. For example, in a matter of days a love relationship will come apart, a job will end, and a new apartment will have to be found – quickly.

This is Pluto’s way of forcing us to get our lives back on track. Pluto has no interest at all in small comforts, constancy and complacency. It is ruthlessly interested in only one thing, the development of the soul or the honest exploration of your hidden truths. Wherever you stray too far into safety and too far from your life purpose, Pluto will tear away all that keeps you from growing, either with your help or without it.

Pluto in transit
When you experience a Pluto transit, you’ll usually see in hindsight all this change was for the best. Your true friends will be revealed, your life path will be clear and you’ll know who you are and what you’re capable of far more than ever before.

The best way to manage Pluto’s influences is to have an astrological reading and ask the reader for major transits and which areas of your life will be affected. Also, if you’re intuitive and sensitive to Pluto’s forces, you’ll feel yourself resisting certain changes you know are important and you’ll feel the effort and energy lost in maintaining your resistance. Then if you resolve to move forward resolutely into making those necessary changes, you’ll be in control of your life, and moving towards realizing your life purpose.

Embrace Pluto and change
In other words, if you embrace necessary change, Pluto will work with you to get to your soul’s desire and your life’s purpose, bringing all of its dark, transformative, sexy magic into play in you. That’s why those people who reinvent themselves to be ever truer to themselves are so beguiling, magnetic and appealing to us, they’ve incorporated and integrated Pluto’s captivating power.

All of us have the same choice, either let Pluto become part of your approach to life or watch helplessly as it periodically rips your life down to the core. Like all things in life, the path you choose is up to you!

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