How to Recognize Signs From Your Spiritual Connections

Tap in to What Your Guides are Trying to Tell You

Have you ever questioned why you feel that presence in the room when you know no one is around? Have you had the feeling your loved one who passed is letting you know they are near you? How about a strong feeling that someone or something is pulling you in a certain direction? This is no coincidence. Your guides and your angels and even your loved ones are able to communicate with you and they do. When you become aware of this, the signs become more apparent and more frequent.

Shortly after my father passed, I started receiving “gifts” from him. In life, my father used to say “pennies from heaven” and encouraged me to save my pennies. My father and I were the best of friends and clearly that connection never ceased. On a daily basis, I found pennies in abundance everywhere from walking outside to various spots throughout my home. Never did I find nickels or dimes or quarters – just pennies. On one bold occasion, upon waking, I found three pennies in the shape of a triangle next to my bed for me to find. This was the validation I needed to know that all of these “pennies from heaven” were my father’s way of telling me he was with me and watching over my life.

Signs can come in many forms. As you call on your spirit guides, angels or deceased loved ones, you will find that they have their specific ways of connecting to you. Once you’ve become familiar with their patterns, you will stop wondering what “that” was.

If you have a question for them, ask it. You will always receive an answer. It may not be answered immediately, but more often than not, you will receive an answer soon after. Keep in mind, communication is not just limited to the physical world.

Signs can vary so drastically that it would be impossible to list them all. However, some common signs are, without a logical explanation, seeing shapes or shadows, hearing voices, smelling fragrances or odors, feeling a tingle on the top of your head or a touch to your skin, feeling or sensing a presence or an energy near you, noticing repetition of numbers or receiving messages in dreams.

To further clarify, have you ever hummed a song, one that is not necessarily popular, and you turn on the radio only to find them playing that song? Listen to the lyrics. Often times, you are receiving a message.

Another way they will send signs is through number repetition. Angels typically send messages this way. If you see a number that keeps jumping out at you repeatedly don’t dismiss it. A book called Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue can further explain the meanings of those numbers.

Have you ever been made late or kept from something only to realize that if you hadn’t the inevitable would have occurred? This intervention is also a sign from your spiritual connections.

These are just a few examples of the many signs you can receive. The list of signs and the types of signs are much more expansive and detailed than what I’ve listed. So, keep an open mind and a receptive spirit. The more you communicate with them, the more they will communicate with you. Remember, your spiritual connections are looking out for you and helping you on your incredible life journey. They are with you every step of the way.

2 thoughts on “How to Recognize Signs From Your Spiritual Connections

  1. LJ

    Wow this article really hit home. I get messages in the form of songs all the time – even just when I’m thinking about something with no radio on a song will just come to mind – and either the words in a song or the thoughts it provokes give me answers. I’m a big believe in “signs” – My friends call it eerie, but they also know that most of the time it’s on point. Great article – now maybe others will feel validated in the little signs they see but maybe ignore. Thanks.


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