Redefining My Spirituality Through a Psychic Reading

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What’s it Like to Get a Reading with One of Our Psychics? Here’s My Story.

Up until last year, my experience with psychics was so limited that despite growing up familiar, and even comfortable with astrology, Tarot, and crystals, I still had a deep sense of skepticism and apprehension when it came to psychics themselves. However, as I learned more about their work and their passion for helping others, I began to unlearn the misconceptions I previously held. I slowly began to see them as the expert spiritual advisors they truly are.

What Made Me Want a Reading

It wasn’t easy for me to reach a place where I felt I could define my own spirituality. The very idea of spirituality felt distant to me when I first decided to follow California Psychics on social media. I originally did it for their free live readings, but what I wasn’t expecting was the empowerment that came from seeing them on my timeline. It helped me realize that I’m not alone on my journey and normalized the idea of owning my spirituality in a way that felt real and all-encompassing of who I am. I had grown tired of feeling like the world would always define me, and their presence on my timeline empowered me to take that power back. Was I afraid? Yes. Do I regret it? Not for a moment.

The Most Important Steps

Something I learned early on is that choosing your psychic is just as important as the reading itself. As I began exploring the California Psychics website, I realized that I needed to take the time to sit with myself and reflect. I needed to determine what questions I had, what outcome I wanted, and most importantly, what style of reading most aligned with those things. It would make finding a psychic who fit my needs much more achievable because their psychics are already sorted into specific categories.

So, that’s exactly what I did. Did I want a no-nonsense reading, or an inspirational one? Did I want one with actionable advice? Did I need financial insight? Or to connect with a loved one who has passed away? How about a deceased pet? There is a psychic for just about anything, and it was important that I figure out what I wanted out of a reading. Once I had that figured out, the right psychic found her way to me.

The Impact

I had spent months seeing Psychic Marin during the weekly California Psychics live readings on Facebook. I felt instantly drawn to and captivated by her style and insight, and after reading her profile on the website, I determined she was the right advisor for me. One day during a live reading, I finally gathered the courage to submit a question to her. I had never spoken to a Medium before, so I was very excited at the idea of connecting to my beloved maternal grandparents. What I wasn’t expecting was for my deceased indigenous paternal grandmother to use this as her opportunity to offer guidance and comfort. To say I was blindsided is an understatement. I knew I needed to get more detailed insight, so I scheduled a follow up session. What came of that more extensive reading was a renewed connection with my inner self and an even deeper pride and connection with my ancestors. It unlocked a newfound clarity, a sense of empowerment, and direction within me.

Discovering Connection

Frankly, I don’t know what I was expecting from my very first psychic reading. Looking back, I guess I wanted to feel connected to something outside of myself. I yearned for a sense of clarity, an “aha” moment. What I got went beyond any expectation. Without a doubt, California Psychics has helped me realize that my connection to the Universe is just waiting to be unlocked, and that psychics can elevate my journey with clarity and infuse it with overall wellness.

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About California Psychics
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