Things To Learn From Your Cat

If a cat owns you, chances are you have a few yarns you can unravel about your kitty’s capricious nature. Allow me to share: my late kitty Moushie, for instance, used to lick my earlobes each night before we went to sleep. Another cat of mine, an orange Ragdoll named Bobby used to tap on a set of small chimes, which I’d hung on my doorknob, whenever he deemed it time for me to let him go outside.

And my childhood feline, Snoozy, who was diagnosed with an “attitude problem” by the vet, peed everywhere but in his litter box. Once, he urinated on a suitcase before I was due to leave on a trip and on a geography project, which I’d foolishly left by the door. Cats, however, don’t only serve as furry entertainment, they can teach us a thing or two.

Cats find fun everywhere they go
It may just be a piece of tinfoil to you, but to Ms. Kitty it’s an hour of enjoyment. Cats live in the moment. Consequently every act can be a sacred one. This requires presence and dedication. If we incorporate this notion into your life, you’ll be a lot happier. As one cat lover remarks, her kitty taught her that the basic things in life like food, water, and a warm sweatshirt to sleep in (or on) are things that should be cherished.

In the same vein, cats always gravitate towards the sunniest spots in the house. So seek the light. If we live life according to Kitty, we should move towards seeing a situation from a positive aspect. In addition cats don’t hold grudges. They may fight together but they end up next to each other by the end of the day. This is something we can all learn from because you should never go to bed angry with your loved ones.

Strut with cat-like confidence
No matter what, cats always land on their feet. Many cat owners will tell you that their furballs have taught them to have unyielding confidence no matter what the situation. If you do something that looks stupid, play it off and don’t let it rattle you. Ever seen a cat throw up? They finish, shake it off, and go right on their merry way. There’s no shame involved. Stay in your center and strut with certainty.

And don’t be discouraged. The only thing that curiosity kills is a couple of hours. Cats will keep at it until they catch that mouse or bird. They climb their way to the top. After all that’s why the curtains are there. And if you do find yourself in trouble, just purr and look straight ahead.

Tune in like a cat
Cats have an amazing ability to sense energy. There is a school of thought, which holds that cats, being animals full of positive energy, actually break up bad vibes, stagnant energy or negative chi, says Ellen Dugan, cat expurrrt and author of The Enchanted Cat. “With cats in our lives, we also have the opportunity to take some quiet time to discover our own courage, and to nurture our spirit. We learn to look within. At home, in the company of cats, as we observe their intuitive and captivating qualities, we begin to appreciate our own inner magic.”

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