Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: December 8 – 14

Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: December 8 - 14

The Power of Mantra Meditations

This week’s mantra meditations come from a meditation I did while focusing on an old Dine’ (Navajo) proverb: “Words are like arrows. Once released, they will strike their mark. Guard them well or one day you may become your own victim.” The deeper I wandered, the more profound the words became, and I thought about compassion, stress, frustration, and the feelings of inadequacy many of us often experience this time of year.

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This is the time of year filled with challenging situations that are entangled with the obligations created by our relationships to others. But no matter how stressed or frustrated you get, try to return to a place of compassion and love. That’s the best way to continually grow your spirit. These mantra meditations can help you when you’re feeling exceptionally challenged. Their inspired words can help heal the pain caused by others, and bring peace to your heart and mind once again!

December 8

“Self-pity steals my courage. This day is mine and no one can take its power away from me.”

It might be tempting to have a pity party for one, but every minute you spend in self-pity is a minute that’s undermining your real self-worth. Your mantra meditations say it eats away at healthy self-esteem too. Instead of focusing on what impacts you so negatively, look at the experience as a step toward where you’re meant to be and who you really need in your life.

December 9

“I am completely comfortable in my perceived imperfections. I am unapologetically my true and beautiful self.”

If you compare yourself to others, you can either gain a dreadful type of self-righteous egotism or else you’ll have broken self-esteem. You are a work of art and a true original! Therefore, you can live your life by your own rules and beliefs. Don’t allow anyone else to dictate your truth. Seek your personal moral compass and keep it set on true north!

December 10

“I cherish the sound of my feet walking away from people and situations that don’t belong to me.”

Your mantra meditations say you were meant to live a life of exquisite moments filled with passion and purpose. If something is not working for you, and you have tried your best to make it fit, allow your courage to guide you beyond that scenario. If you feel you need more clarification, call me, or another one of our amazing life path psychics. We are always here to help.

December 11

“My dreams will come to me based on my ability to control my thoughts. If I cannot control what I think, I cannot control what I do.”

Some people go through their entire lives trying to recreate their personal history. Some folks have even rewritten their histories to such a point that they no longer resemble the truth of any reality. Instead of lying about who or what they were, they should focus their energies on accepting their pasts and changing their thoughts in order to ensure their pasts won’t be repeated. If you tend to rewrite your history, keep your thoughts and your energies focused on the horizon, instead. Your mantra meditations also remind you to make sure you appreciate your present too.

December 12

“All that I need, I already have. Beyond my needs, only I control my desires.”

This time of year is primed for an avalanche of advertisements telling you what you should desire and how much better your life would be if you go into debt making some purchase you really don’t need at all. You are smarter than that! You know what you desire and only your voice should make that determination. Therefore, your mantra meditations suggest you get to know your true voice. Be grateful for your bounty too. Wander outside tonight and watch as the peak of the Geminid meteorite shower blesses you with a real perspective of your place in the world.

December 13

“My happiness is happening right now. I am no longer waiting for the stars to align just to have a great day. I am having a great day, a great moment, and a great life right now!”

Sometimes we get so focused on a future event that we completely bypass the experience we are having while we maintain that focus! Have you ever driven to work and, upon arrival, you have no recollection of the commute? Practice being in the present moment with the same intensity you display while focusing on work or any other obligation. Go outside tonight and watch the remains of the meteorite shower. And above all, be happy!

December 14

“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the winds.”

You’re the amazing result of billions of years of changes and evolution. In your life’s journey, you have overcome amazing challenges and experienced wondrous moments of happiness. You have endured, survived, and you are thriving. Your roots go deep and you chose where those roots will go!

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