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One thing that’s always fascinated me is the idea of animal helpers and animal spirit guides. At what point did man as a species decide that the animals could help on more than just a menial work level, as with horses and dogs? What makes some better than others? Can we really explain why some dogs or cats can seem to sense things that are wrong with people, like in the case of epileptic seizures?

While scientists research such things, I’m going to ask a more basic question: Why were many animals, and cats especially, chosen as helpers? I admit, I’m interested in this because I have two feline companions, both of whom are always right at my side when I’m doing psychic work. I can hardly call them pets, because we take care of each other.

I’ve always had an affinity with animals of all sorts. My personal spirit guide is a raven, and they tend to show up anywhere I go. But the cats – they seem to have a level of intelligence and understanding that goes beyond simple instinct. My black one “speaks to me” every evening, discussing the day and not only understanding what I say, but “telling” me his thoughts. I find that when he is “speaking,” he’s actually projecting images. At first they were somewhat disconcerting, until I realized that they were from his point of view. (Imagine, if you will, seeing our world from the level of someone nine inches tall and furry.)

The main thing I notice is that they are always watching, always aware, even when they’re sleeping – and anyone who has cats knows that they sleep 90% of the time. And with that watching, they’re always protective. My grandmother’s cats were, and not just on a physical level. I will continue this in another blog, but for now, accept that they are here, and for the most part, if treated well, are friendly and helpful. Respect them as you would respect yourself and those around you.

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4 thoughts on “Animal Spirit Guides

  1. lizzy

    I Know my dog senses my emotions. As an individual with anxiety issues, he will stay close to me when I am on the brink of experiencing a full blown anxiety attack. He snuggles close to me, and this helps calm me. That is unconditional love.

  2. Radeta

    Report him.In my town there are horse barns at the racetrack that many pepole keep their race horses at (rather than on a farm). A kid I know, when he was about 13, went in the horsebarns and found a cat. He lit the cat on fire. The cat ran in to a pile of hay, which then lit on fire. The barn complex then subsequently caught fire, the roof collapsed trapping and killing 22 race horses. He only charged as a minor and all he got was a charge, no time in juvie, because his only crime was the cat even though it resulted in so many deaths.Then, in 12th grade, another boy i went to school with had a cat living in his backyard. The cat had a litter of 8 kittens. He brought the newborn kittens to school in a bag and killed them all in various ways. He suffocated them in plastic bags. Cut them up and put their heads in pepole’s lockers. Poured their blood on the walls. Ran them over in the parking lot. Tied them up and hit them with baseball bats. Somehow he avoided the cops and teachers for a whole morning before he got caught. He was swiftly whisked off, no idea whether he went to jail or what; he was 17 at the time but I didn’t hear anything of him for about 2 years until just last week I was him on Facebook. So I’d report the kid. Not much else you can do. Maybe make a scene so other pepole know whats going on.Most likely he just thinks he’s cool/tough and isn’t actually doing it.

  3. maryannex9146maryannex9146

    Hi, Dan,

    Thanks for a great article. I look forward to seeing your next article on this topic (or any other).

    I agree with Gina and Lonnie. Animals-cats, dogs, horses, other animals do sense and-Gina-I agree-smell emotions and illnesses. They do love us deeply and, of course, respond to our love for them. I have a photograph of my cats sitting in our new, empty bedroom when we moved into our beloved island beach house (beloved by me, anyway-they were not at all sure) with looks on their faces that clearly said, “This is it??? This smaller, older beach house instead of our other house across country? Are you O.K.?”

    Both the cat and the dog were amazing within the last couple of months when I started a series of surgeries. Individually, they came close to me and sniffed the surgical area each day while I was healing. The loving looks on their faces appeared to be expressing that they had checked and any infected tissue was gone. A look of approval-“She finally got it taken care of”.

    When I lost a parent the little cats snuggled up next to me and started to lick me-for hours and hours. I was not outwardly sobbing or crying, they just knew.

    I’ve often felt the power of their love and concern for their humans and their ability to sense and let us know about danger ahead is so much stronger than even we intuitives can imagine.

    Aren’t we all lucky to have them in our lives.

    Thanks again for a great article.




  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Dan,
    Nice article…..

    What makes some animals more intuitive than others ???? A big factor is animal love…..yes, the LOVE an animal has for their owner or handler. Animals are capable of showing emotions…love, worry, concern, protectiveness…….and most animals are psychic by nature and design to begin with.

    Many an animal…..cats, dogs, horses, even other animals , have saved a human in need of help…..whether it be emotional or physical help. They can sense, even smell, a person’s emotions, moods and illnesses, and if the love is there…..they always seem to try to help.

    So, love & respect your animal friend and they will do the same for you…maybe even saving your life someday.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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