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Your Spirit Animals

Animals have a spiritual energy and they connect their energy with ours on a regular basis. You may have heard the phrase “spirit animal.” Well it’s more like “spirit animals.” That’s because each of us have an animal totem, made up of nine animals who represent who we are. I combine animals with numbers, so when you call me I’ll have you pick nine numbers between one and 52 to determine which animals represent you. Once you know your animals and their significance, you can carry these symbols with you forever, and look to their meaning and strength throughout the rest of your life.

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My Animal Totem

My first animal was the giraffe. Next came the dog and the cat. Then there was the snake, followed by the rat (my Chinese sign) and the sea got (my Western astrology sign). I also included the Chinese signs of each of the men I loved. Talk about lions, tigers and bears—oh my! As I explored each animal and their symbolic significance, I learned more and more about myself and the people who also embraced the creatures I loved.

The Nine Positions

Each of the nine animals in your totem have a specific position and, of course, the meaning of the animal itself plays a significant role. You may already know some of your animals. Do you like cats or dogs? Are you a fan of rabbits or horses? You probably feel a deep connection to these animals because they are part of your totem.

Here are the nine positions your animals can occupy:

1. East
This animal guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards you on your path.

2. South
This animal protects the child within, reminds you when to be humble and when to trust. It allows innocence to be balanced with your personality.

3. West
This animal shows you the path to your goals. It will also lead you to your personal truth and inner answers.

4. North
This animal reminds you when to keep your mouth shut and when to speak. It gives you wise energy to use in decision making. And most important, it reminds you to be grateful for life’s everyday blessings.

5. Above
This animal teaches you how to honor the greatness in your spiritual life. Daydreaming is guarded by this animal and allows you to travel safely to other dimensions.

6. Below
This animal teaches you about the inner earth and how to stay grounded on your path.

7. Within
This animal teaches you how to find your heart’s desires. Joy and faithfulness are also lessons this animal offers. It protects you in your sacred space—the place that is yours alone—and only by invitation can another enter.

8. Right Side
This is the male side and no matter where you turn, your father protector is with you. This side also carries courage and the warrior spirit.

9. Left Side
This female side teaches you how to receive abundance and how to nurture yourself. This animal teaches you about relationships and mothering.

Knowing your animal totem is so important to your well-being. You may even want to get jewelry or decorate your home or office with little animals so you always have something to remind you of your totem.

Call me and let’s take a look at your animal totem together!

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9 thoughts on “Discover Your Animal Totem!

  1. Denisha

    Quin, I love this article about the totem animals. I had never heard of the 9 directions. I love your wisdom, it is always so insightful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

    Have a blessed Day!

  2. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    My Dear Roberta,
    With heartfelt energy I want you to know that I feel your loss and am saddened by this event that left you with the absence of the love of your precious pet.
    It has only been a short time since she has crossed the rainbow bridge and upon crossing she was met by many of her furry friends. Give it some time so that the both of you can come to terms with the parting of ways.
    Keep the light in your heart shinning bright for her, so she can find her way to you in your dreams, be it while you are awake or sleeping. Your light and love keeps her close by.

  3. LJ

    Dear Psychic Quinn: I love that you do animal totem readings. I’ve studied Native American traditions for years, and this is one of the most important and helpful ways for a person to connect to the universal guidance all around them. Keep doing your wonderful work.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Dear LJ –
      As always your support means so much in the writing world and beyond.
      Have a wonderful week…
      Love and Light,

  4. Auroras

    why do I feel as though I am stuck in a rut? I don’t think I have any willpower anymore. I’m looking for answers constantly….

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Auroras,
      When looking for answers it is best to start within.
      And know that there are many readers here who would be of great help to you getting you out of the rut and finding your willpower.

  5. Roberta

    I have always loved parents joke my first word was horse! We rescued a little Border Collie who I can honestly say was my most loyal friend…she and I had to stand strong alone together for awhile and I am only here now because I couldnt bear leave her. I have such love for her. On July 15th she was killed by a speeding driver. I am shattered….a week before she was stolen from our lives Itold my dad I would not know what to do without her. I was right, I go threw the motions but my heart and soul are so bitter. In the past, I would dream of my animals, feel them jump on the bed…just know they were around…I dont with her. This eats on me nearly as much as her absence. Why would this be? Of all my animals, I did not think she would totally leave me. I am missing something in the absence of a message or feeling from her? Thank you for your help.


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