How to “Listen” to Your Pet

Did you know that many of your favorite Psychics are capable of “reading” your pet? I believe we all have psychic ability, and we either “turn it off,” or we never get the opportunity to develop it. It’s like any other skill or talent: If you practice, you can get better at it. It’s the same thing with learning to “hear” your pet.

Different animals “think” in different ways, so don’t look for words or for you to hear them actually say words. Some animals think in black and white, some in color, some in emotional temperatures (lizards, iguanas, snakes), some are very psychologically emotional (cats, rabbits). You will be able to translate their messages into our language as your skills get stronger. Dogs are the easiest to begin with, yet cats can be easier for those who have a stronger affinity with them, or a fear of dogs.

Your comfort is as important as theirs, so make sure they are in a “safe” place or position when you begin. They need to be awake, and the best results at first will be when they “need” or “want” something, because they send out psychic images then. You can confirm receiving the message by sending back an image showing them a mental picture of yourself doing what it is they want you to do. Do not use the words or signals you usually do to make them aware that you understand and will give them what they want. Instead, rely purely on psychic communication.

Now no matter what it is, even if it’s not the usual time for this to happen, you must follow through, so don’t offer something if you are not going to actually provide it. If it’s a request to go for a walk, picture the leash and the two of you at the front door. If they react as they normally do without ANY physical or verbal alert, you know you have read their mind! You can give a treat in the food bowl if it’s not mealtime. Whether it’s rubbing their belly, scratching their neck, or letting them come up onto your lap, LISTEN and then respond psychically only. As they come to trust that you hear them, they will send more messages to you, and you will hear them more clearly.

Establishing this connection can be very handy when your pet is ill. If you get to know their mental dialog better, you can look deeply into their eyes and get strong one-word translations that will POP into your head, like “pain,” “sad,” or “sick,” and then you can use imagery to explore where it hurts or why they are sad. Sometimes, animals can foresee and react to events before they happen, which can give you psychic glimpses into events that are about to happen in your world. It is always nice to learn the language of a loved one.

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