Psychic Amanda: Share More Love to Find Happiness

Sending Healing Energy to Those We Love

I’ve made it a daily practice for many years to start each day sending love, blessings and healing thoughts to those I love. Not too long ago, I learned a simple, easy and beautiful way to send love to all called the Intuitive Heart (IH) Method, developed by Dr. Henry Reed from the Edgar Cayce Institute. I love doing IH daily. I send love to my family, friends, clients and people all over the planet. I send love and healing to animals, plants, any thing and all things I can think of. Recently, I had the chance to practice my Intuitive Heart Connection with a baby sparrow that flew into my large glass windows.

The sound of something impacting the glass startles me as I sit working at my desk. I jump up to see what hit the window. Laying on the deck of the house, in front of the huge glass picture windows, is a small sparrow. I open the double french doors, making sure my Jack Russell remains inside, and go to the bird. It is barely breathing. Feeling compelled to help, I squat next to it, hold my hands out to its side, focusing energy of love and healing to come forth from me and flow into the body of the baby swallow. Now, I’m a novice at this, and have seen this technique used by energy healers and energy workers in my own life. I silently begin calling on the powers of Source energy and of universal masters to come and flow energy and healing through my hands and into the body of the little bird. I continue to send it the intuitive heart connection through loving and healing thoughts. I see the bird continue to breathe. At this moment, I carefully and gently lift it up and put it into the palms of my hands. I sit down on the deck and lovingly look at it and ordain a healing to come from within me to this little bird. Suddenly, a power, never before experienced, runs through my body. I sit immobilized, waiting and watching the bird breathe. After about twenty minutes, the bird opens one of its eyes. Then it opens both eyes and looks at me. I sit there holding it in my hands and looking at it with pure loving intent. I carefully put the bird down on my patio table making sure to be gentle, kind and loving with it. Shortly thereafter the bird looks at me again. It then flies off the table to the ground. It takes a moment and then the little bird flies off and heads to the nearby tree. I sense a need to bless it and send it off with love.

I now look out onto the horizon wondering what the remainder of the day will bring. It is a blustery day and cloud formations are thick, resembling objects, animals, and all sorts of creatures. I see a cloud that reminds me of a lion. I smile at my own thoughts. The neighbors dogs arrive and the large German shepard nudges me to pet her. I look her in the eyes and perceive her love for me. I speak to the dog, reassuring her how I reciprocate her love and pet her. Then the old, shaggy golden retriever comes to me, wanting to be stroked. I laugh at the two of them and of the camaraderie that exists between them. The dogs are old pals, good friends from a past life, I imagine, and are always welcome in my home as if they were my own.

The dogs belong to a neighbor who lives a few acres down the road. They usually walk or run over whenever they know or sense I’m at home. I get up now, walk inside my house and open the cupboard to get some dog treats. My own dog follows obligingly as I go to feed Heike and Tucker.

I look at the clock. It’s nearly time for my son to come home from school and I’m excited to share the bird story with him.

6 thoughts on “Psychic Amanda: Share More Love to Find Happiness

  1. Belinda

    Thank you, Amanda. What a loving story. It really touched my heart. I have 2 Shitz Zue brothers that entertain and comfort me daily. If you can tell me anything about them and their decision to live with me, that would be awesome.

    I will definitely keep your story in mind, should I see any animals on my walks needing assistance. Thank you again. Sending you loving thoughts.

  2. Megan

    Thank you for your story. I am touched. I have gifts of healing and I am focusing on working through a block. I am always encouraged by my angels to meditate and to have faith in my abilities, but somehow I do not go forward. I do, however, send healing love to animals and people and organizations, the Earth and whatever concerns me at the time.

    I feel an abundance of loving kindness and compassion reading your article and it has brought healing tears to my eyes.

    I am going throuh an important crossroads in my life and I am looking for someone to help me with guidance. Although I do communicated with my guides and angels and God; I am still very much going through a transition and often become confused. I have made a lot of poor choices (I accept and try to forgive myself for) now I am at a point that another poor decision could cost me dearly.

    Thank you so much for the loving article because in some way I feel great love and beauty from it and I really needed that today.


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