Red Responds: Why Are Her Dogs Fighting?

Isabel in Macau writes:

I have three dogs at home, Baby is the oldest one, Nina is the second and Fofa is third. I don’t know why Fofa and Nina are always fighting, Fofa is always kept in a cage when Nina’s out, they can’t see each other’s face otherwise they start fighting. I’m not sure how they became like this but when Fofa was a puppy she used to play with Nina. Will they keep on like this forever? Hope they will have a better relationship in the future.

Dear Isabel,

It looks like both of your dogs view the other as some form of threat to the territory. Each one feels the need to establish dominance, even though they got along and played when they were younger. This behavior feels like it is completely natural to them, more like a right of passage than an act of anger or malice. On top of that, they have two very different personalities, so they are more inclined to squabble.

I don’t see these two getting back to the relationship they shared when Fofa was a puppy, but with the passing of time and calming of natures, they will learn to tolerate one another. There will be a snarl here and a nip there, but nothing like the chaos that breaks out when they see each other now.

Talk with your vet about this situation, and see if you can get a recommendation for a good obedience trainer who specializes in this arena. While they may not want to get along, they can be taught how to avoid getting into trouble. Otherwise, it is going to be a couple of years before they each have matured past this point of aggression, so you will have to continue to keep them separated.

Oh, the things we do for our furry children!

I really wish I had better news or a solution for you.
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