Why Do Grown Men Love Stuffed Animals?

Do you know a guy with a secret soft side… a really soft side? ABC News reports that 1 in 4 men travel with a stuffed animal to remind them of home:

When Scott Hardy hits the road, he always makes sure to leave room in his suitcase for his stuffed animal.

That’s right, the 34-year-old businessman always travels with Barkley, a stuffed beagle. No, it’s not for his two daughters. No he doesn’t sleep with a nightlight and no he isn’t smuggling drugs.

Seven years ago Hardy’s then girlfriend, now wife, gave him the doggie as a reminder of her.

“I travel enough that it’s a nice reminder of home,” said Hardy who runs an online legal notice company, Top Class Actions.

Housekeepers like to put it on top of his pillow or prop it up prominently on the night stand.

Even when Hardy travels on an annual guys trip – a beach trip to Mexico this year – Barkley comes along.

“I’ve had some friends who are like, ‘What’s with the stuffed animal?'” the Phoenix-area man said. “It’s just a reminder of my beautiful bride.”

Do you know any men who secretly travel with a stuffed animal?

3 thoughts on “Why Do Grown Men Love Stuffed Animals?

  1. angeleyes

    So funny! I didn’t realize this was such a phenomenon!

    I had an on-again, off-again thing with a guy from work over several years. He’s a pretty low-key guy, quiet, but def an alpha-male type. After being at his apartment several times, one night things got pretty hot & heavy. We hit the bedroom, and the bed, and then all of the sudden-there was the velveteen rabbit. (It was clear it had been around for awhile and well loved). He quickly grabbed it and threw it across the room. I was a bit shocked, but non-judgemental. You have to understand, his place was absolutely “no frills.” In fact, though he’d lived there for awhile, it kinda looked like he had just moved in-no pictures on the wall, no frames with family, no memorabilia-NOTHING. And given his personality, it did strike me as sort of odd.

    We were never together long enough that I felt comfortable asking him about it-mostly out of curiosity. But it’s good to know, it’s more common than i would have imagined, and not necessarily a sign of immaturity (but perhaps a past girlfriend :=/ )

    Thanks for the informative post :=)

  2. velvetoversteel

    What ai nice post, Krishna!

    I know a man who’s children give him stuffed animals for occasions because they are giving something they Love to someone they Love. He is lives in another city and desplays them in his appartment. He misses his kids terribly during the week and he said the animals remind him how much his kids love and need him. What a great day and sweet man!

    Many Hugs to you on this one, Krishna!
    Coreen @ VOS


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