What Your Pet’s Zodiac Sign Says About Them

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The Stars and Your Pets

The stars hold sway over the animals in your life. Though astrology is often used by people seeking to understand themselves and their friends, your pet’s zodiac sign can give you a peek into their mind and personality so that you can better understand them. Whether you’re looking for insight into their overall behavior, their unique quirks, or even their relationship with you, your pet’s zodiac sign is one of the most telling things about them.


Headstrong and dynamic, Aries pets can sometimes be a challenge. They’re the type to pull on the leash or meow at three in the morning, serenading you until you wake up to give them attention. However they display their bold personalities, pets who fall under this sign will definitely keep you on your toes.


Just like their human counterparts, the Taurus pet thrives on structure, security, and routine. They like to have a clear-cut idea of what they should expect next and how they can make you happy. Abrupt changes to their daily routine may cause them to become sullen or snippy. If you adjust anything in their lives, try to get them gradually acclimated to it.


If your pet is born under the sign of Gemini, you may sometimes wonder if you have two identical but totally different animals stuck in the same body! One minute, they may be calm and cuddly. The next, they could turn into a lunatic and start trying to chase any people walking by outside — even when they’re still in your house! This pet will always have you wondering what crazy antics you’ll be greeted with when you walk in the door.


Chill, cuddly, and nurturing, the Cancerian pet will care for you as well as you care for them. One of the more empathic signs, Cancer’s traits translate well to humanity’s animal companions. This bundle of affection will instinctively know when you aren’t feeling well physically or emotionally, and they will do everything in their power to make sure you know that you’re loved.


These pets are the fancy divas of the zodiac, regardless of whether they have fur, feathers, or scales. They are always strutting down the imaginary catwalk, and when they go to the park, everyone stops to stare — people and animals alike! If you have a penchant for dressing your playful pal up, a Leo pet will enjoy it just as much or more than you. Gucci all the way around will really make this pet happy.


“Calm, cool, and collected” is a great way to describe Virgo pets. They are self-contained, preferring to avoid any commotion in the home. Their major flaw is that, much like the human Virgos out there, their cool exterior may hide a nervous or anxious mind that could lead to issues down the road.


Charming and sociable are words that sum this sign up to a T. They love with all their heart, and although they love everyone, they will often have one special person in their life that the sun rises and sets upon. This is the person that they’ll bring their toys or favorite things to first, especially if their person seems to be having a rough day.


Scorpio pets are undeniably intense and energetic! If you want an animal companion that can keep up with your daily run or busy schedule, you can’t go wrong with a pet born under Scorpio. The only dark side to this sign is that they can be highly selective about who they warm up to, and just because their owner likes and trusts a person doesn’t automatically mean that they will too.


Encountering new friends, places, and faces will keep any pets born under Sagittarius happy. Going for a drive to do errands? Bring them along if you can. Picking up the kids at school? They’ll love being the center of attention. Make sure to train this pet in small groups or through several one-on-one sessions with a trainer. If they’re in a big group, they’ll want to pay more attention to their new friends than the lessons.


Although stoic on the outside, Capricorn pets just need to feel secure in their environments if they’re going to thrive. Let them have spaces that are uniquely theirs. Give them multiple beds, cat trees, or hidey holes throughout the house. That way they’ll have an abundance of locations to find peace and recharge.


This is another highly empathic sign and pet. However, Aquarius pets can sometimes be overly protective or highly strung as a result. A lot of quiet downtime and relaxation is one way to handle their emotional intensity. If you have an Aquarius animal in your house, having multiple pets of the same species can help, as it will lessen their separation anxiety.


No boundaries here! This is the cat that won’t stop grooming you or the pup that keeps trying to get in your lap. They don’t always recognize where they end and their person (well, any human) begins. Friendly as can be, they would probably help a burglar carry out the TV if they were promised a scratch and a treat.

Learning More About Your Pets

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7 thoughts on “What Your Pet’s Zodiac Sign Says About Them

  1. Dana

    I already replied to this but, I think we ( my mom and i) she was very therapeutic for my mom. She adored her. My mom passed 3 years ago. She’s doing great. But I think she was found in the spring or summer. I can’t remember.I had a cat before her that passed, best cat. I adopted her. I lucked out. I still feel her when I’m sleeping. Im not afraid when it wakes me. I just smile and go back to sleep. Crazy huh? I can still feel her walking on the bed. She would snuggle with me. I had her cremated so when I die she goes with me and the one I have now. She will be with me to. I know silly. Sorry so long. Like I said very passionate about animals. Also vegetarian working on vegan. I didn’t mean to do it, I really think it picked me. I know silly.

  2. Dana

    My cat is her own. When she wants to be with you, it has to be only you, no phone, no looking at doggie photos or doggie videos. Sometimes I think she dances that. She wants my utmost full attention. When she doesn’t want you she gets very mad. We wink at eachother all the time.she loves me and I love her very much. She is my baby. A lot if people can’t understand that but, it’s ok. Its amazing how pets come walking into our lives. Sorry , very passionate about animals more than people.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You, Charlotte

    It’s a lot of work but I love animals…..I’m also involved with saving horses from the slaughter house and finding homes for unwanted draft horses.

    Blessings )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Jimmy b

    Yes ur pet reductions are great my Pitt bull is loving very girly loves attention new people remembers names and recruited she meets is her friend verycurious and demands certain bed times at night.what sign is she thought November or December was her birthday comes in heat every July if this helps.. Thanks have..

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    LOVED the pet astrology !!!!! I own and manage a no-kill animal shelter and also raise Doberman Pinschers and teach obedience.
    It is so true, especially the Virgo one….my last Dobe was a Virgo and loved being bathed and groomed and she did not like hern blanky being messed up.

    This writer nailed it with this pet astrology article !!!!!

    )O( Gina Rose ext.9500

    1. Dana

      Hi, I grew up with a Doberman. She was mine. But my aunt’s dog, she always protected me, slept with me she even held still when I would paint her nails. I am a very tiny woman and back then a skinny child. When I took her for a walk well let’s say she took me for a walk we would go to the park. Sadly she was hit by a car nothing to serious, she survived. I felt so guilty still do till this day. I did love that dog. Oh she did not act like a Doberman would either. I wasn’t around when she passed, it broke my heart. No more dogs for me I always wanted a dog but I have a wonderful bratty that really doesn’t listen to me cat. My Bell will be 10. I think. I hope you don’t think I am a horrid pet parent for not remembering when we got our little fluff of gray fur and a red collar with a bell, hence the name Bell.

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