Your Pet’s Personality by Zodiac Sign

Pets are Family

Your pet is your best friend, your source of unconditional love and a true member of your family. They’re happy when you come home, they’re often hilarious, they provide emotional comfort and they have a style and personality all their own.

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Do you know your pet’s birth date? You may even celebrate that special day every year. Well if you know their birth date, you also know their sun sign. Here is a look at your pet’s astrology, whether they swim, walk, crawl or fly!


Your pet may have more energy than you can imagine, but they’re so fiercely loyal to you that you forgive a bit of recklessness and angst. They may charge ahead of you in the park or the backyard, but they know exactly where you are, and no one should ever dream of messing with you. Your Aries pet’s love is expressed through their fierce protection and adoration of you.


Your Taurus pet loves your lap. Well, if they’re young they may run around wildly for a bit, exploring and marking their personal territory, but they love the comfort of your home and your loving kindness. These beloved creatures are always beautiful, adorable and happy with the comfort they find in you and your domestic surroundings. Your Taurus pet loves you in a fundamental way; your shared environment is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed.


Your little Gemini is all over the place, yet totally irresistible. They are curious to the point that you can’t be distracted for a minute, or they’ll find a new place to dig their nose into. They will look you in the eye in the most inquisitive way, and then they’ll do something so endearing you’ll be laughing with delight.


Your sweet little Cancer pal is a wonderful companion, reveling in the warmth and safety of your home. They adore your cuddles and love. Your Cancer is so loving. In fact, you forget how insistent they can be if you don’t fill that bowl on time. Then they’re relentless, but always sweet when you manage your duties. Any other creature invading their territory might be asking for trouble, though.


There is no one better at luxuriating in your love and attention than your Leo pet. And they’ll return the favor happily. Don’t fail to notice how beautiful and special they are. If you repeat that to them often, you’ll swear you get a “smile” in return. In fact, they may require that you offer that flattery. These are delightful pets—fun and entertaining.


Your Virgo pet is a fastidious creature. They love having their lives in order and their special spots around your home. They want their meals as well-timed as possible, and they will notice when you have time for them. Your little pal is a helpful creature once they understand their routine. They are very clean and love you for helping them stay that way. They’ll be happy after their bath, if not during it.


Pleasing you and receiving reassurance for this is first and foremost with your Libra pet. Whatever the species or breed, your Libra pet is beautiful. They will look at you as if they want to know what you’re thinking. The truth is they really are sincerely curious. Their charms are always a wonderful addition to your life, and they seem to know it.


Your inscrutable little Scorpio is fascinating to watch in their daily routine. They have their mysterious ways, yet their loyalty to you can’t be questioned. They are relentless in their curiosity; don’t invade their hiding spots though. Act like you don’t know where they are. They’ll be out as soon as you aren’t paying attention, since they really love your company.


That funny little creature that is your Sag pet never fails to entertain you and make you laugh. Their antics defy description and their big hearts are ever endearing. They may run into the wall on occasion, but it doesn’t seem to bother them much. There’s always something new to explore and enjoy, and they are incredibly affectionate in the best of ways.


Observing your Capricorn pet can be an entertaining pastime. They like looking down from high places, so you may discover them watching you from the staircase or you might want to provide a perch for them. In fact, if there is a climb to that spot, they’ll love it. Your smart little creature enjoys your presence and really wants to be appreciated. You’ll be grandly rewarded with this little Capricorn joy.


Your unpredictable little Aquarius will love surprising you, but don’t you dare change your approach to them! They love stability in the midst of their highly amusing exploits. Their idiosyncrasies may baffle you at first, but you’ll grow to love your companion’s true devotion despite their odd means of expressing it.


Your sweet and sensitive Pisces pet probably is reading your mind like you suspect, in their own, funny little way. It might even be enjoyable to think something about them and see how they react. They don’t miss a thing, no matter how distracted they appear to be. This darling creature loves you in a way you can’t possibly imagine. Even if you think you have a pretty good idea of their devotion to you, it’s likely they love you more than you’ll ever know.

7 thoughts on “Your Pet’s Personality by Zodiac Sign

  1. Dana

    I already replied to this but, I think we ( my mom and i) she was very therapeutic for my mom. She adored her. My mom passed 3 years ago. She’s doing great. But I think she was found in the spring or summer. I can’t remember.I had a cat before her that passed, best cat. I adopted her. I lucked out. I still feel her when I’m sleeping. Im not afraid when it wakes me. I just smile and go back to sleep. Crazy huh? I can still feel her walking on the bed. She would snuggle with me. I had her cremated so when I die she goes with me and the one I have now. She will be with me to. I know silly. Sorry so long. Like I said very passionate about animals. Also vegetarian working on vegan. I didn’t mean to do it, I really think it picked me. I know silly.

  2. Dana

    My cat is her own. When she wants to be with you, it has to be only you, no phone, no looking at doggie photos or doggie videos. Sometimes I think she dances that. She wants my utmost full attention. When she doesn’t want you she gets very mad. We wink at eachother all the time.she loves me and I love her very much. She is my baby. A lot if people can’t understand that but, it’s ok. Its amazing how pets come walking into our lives. Sorry , very passionate about animals more than people.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You, Charlotte

    It’s a lot of work but I love animals…..I’m also involved with saving horses from the slaughter house and finding homes for unwanted draft horses.

    Blessings )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Jimmy b

    Yes ur pet reductions are great my Pitt bull is loving very girly loves attention new people remembers names and recruited she meets is her friend verycurious and demands certain bed times at night.what sign is she thought November or December was her birthday comes in heat every July if this helps.. Thanks have..

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    LOVED the pet astrology !!!!! I own and manage a no-kill animal shelter and also raise Doberman Pinschers and teach obedience.
    It is so true, especially the Virgo one….my last Dobe was a Virgo and loved being bathed and groomed and she did not like hern blanky being messed up.

    This writer nailed it with this pet astrology article !!!!!

    )O( Gina Rose ext.9500

    1. Dana

      Hi, I grew up with a Doberman. She was mine. But my aunt’s dog, she always protected me, slept with me she even held still when I would paint her nails. I am a very tiny woman and back then a skinny child. When I took her for a walk well let’s say she took me for a walk we would go to the park. Sadly she was hit by a car nothing to serious, she survived. I felt so guilty still do till this day. I did love that dog. Oh she did not act like a Doberman would either. I wasn’t around when she passed, it broke my heart. No more dogs for me I always wanted a dog but I have a wonderful bratty that really doesn’t listen to me cat. My Bell will be 10. I think. I hope you don’t think I am a horrid pet parent for not remembering when we got our little fluff of gray fur and a red collar with a bell, hence the name Bell.

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