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Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

Hi Cameron,

I’ve been dating my current girlfriend for a little over a year now. Things are great but are getting a little comfortable. We kind of have gotten into a routine that isn’t bad, but nothing new and exciting happens. Recently, I just met this amazing girl who is fun to be around and seems to be into me too. She keeps hinting that she wants to escalate our friendship. I’m feeling confused, is my current relationship over? Should I pursue this new person or just stay friends? I weighed the pros and cons of both people, and they’re both equally awesome.


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:


Thank you very much for your question. It sounds like you’re the one that is awesome! You have been able to manifest two very dynamic relationships with people who you feel are special in your life and who adore you. I have shared here before that I am not someone who believes we are given only one soulmate in our lifetime. Some people are blessed with meaningful connections with more than one person, and you seem to be one of them.
I’ve consulted my cards and asked my guides to give us information that will be helpful in the decision that you will make. I am able to see that while you love your girlfriend, the two of you do seem to be stuck in a rut. You used the word “comfortable” but some of my clients describe that feeling also as “being bored”, or, in some cases, they feel that they are being taken for granted.

You also shared with me that things are great between you. Your girlfriend comes into my cards as the Queen of Coins. She is someone who has been supportive of you, who believes in you and in your relationship. I can observe from the number of cups in your reading that you both love each other, but you may have gotten into a routine (the Four of Coins) that doesn’t serve you anymore. Things have gotten a bit stale, and it’s time to make a few changes.

A stagnant relationship like yours can be easily remedied. The change begins with you. Decide to surprise your girlfriend with tickets to the movies or the theater after a nice dinner out. Or plan a lovely weekend trip, someplace that you know she will like, and tell her to pack one bag for the days you are away. Do your research and find something she will enjoy when you get there; a specific restaurant or place on the beach. If you are committed to a new experience, my guides affirm that you will come up with some very inspiring ideas!

On this trip or candlelight dinner, when the time is right, talk about the relationship, and some changes you’d like to make. I am offering this advice because of a very significant card in your reading and its placement near the top of the spread: The Empress. Because she has appeared, I believe that you have been thinking about a long-term relationship and possibly marriage one day with the woman you are with. This is critical, and I’ll tell you why.

After a year of being with someone, every relationship enters a new phase. Some people call this, “the end of the honeymoon period.” What this means is that you’re reached a point where it is clear that you are no longer just dating someone, and it may be time to start talking about long term plans and decisions about the future together.

This conversation can be scary for some. In your case, because of the Five of Coins upside down, I wonder if you have some fears about commitment. Or you may just feel that there are some transitions happening in your life and you are not ready to settle down just yet. Whatever the reason, people will often sabotage a good thing rather than face these questions. And one form that sabotage can take is meeting someone “new”.

Leon, my intuitive feeling is this: I think you should stay where you are. At least for another two months and figure out what is happening with the relationship you are in. I can hear you asking, what about the new women who wants to take our relationship to the next level? She doesn’t appear in my reading, which leads me to believe that while she has some great qualities, this may ultimately be an infatuation rather than a deep connection. It is also possible that she is attracted to the fact that you are “unavailable.” If you break up with your current girlfriend, it is very possible her feelings will change.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. My advice is that if you do decide to leave your girlfriend, be prepared to face the same commitment questions a year in with the new girlfriend. I think this reading is about you and commitment, not weighing the “pros and cons” of these two women. If they are equally wonderful people, then stay and honor your commitment to your girlfriend. And if you do decide to end your first relationship, end it with kindness and dignity. I think you’ll find you don’t need a new relationship to “spice things up”; your “old” partner will become your “new” partner when you change your routine and begin to see her with fresh eyes, as she will with you.

All my best,


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