Psychic Q&A: Dating a Married Man

Psychic Q&A: Dating a Married Man

She Wants to Be a Wife so Badly

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Dear Psychic Reed,

I have been dating a married man for about a year now. Things were going great for a while, but then he started being disrespectful to me. He cancels our plans all the time and has been saying mean things for the past three months. I know dating a married man is wrong, and I guess I can’t call what we have a relationship, but I want to be a wife so badly that I cook and clean for him—I love doing all that.

I decided to end the relationship for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I realized he was just using me because I did things for him that his wife would not. I’m reaching out to you because I want to make sure I made the right choice. My birthdate is March 20, 1968.

Psychic Reed ext. 5105 responds:

Oh dear, dating a married man is never easy, but it’s been going on since the beginning of time, so in a way, it’s a normal human experience. Try cutting yourself some slack. It’s not like you woke up one day and said, “Hey I’m gonna start dating a married man!” Of course not. You didn’t consciously decide to fall in love with this man. The God that I know and love doesn’t judge us for the things over which we had no control. He merely provides us with experiences from which we can learn.

You totally made the right choice in ending that relationship. You cannot let anyone treat you the way he did. No one should get to disrespect you, including you. So chin up and keep going. You will be a wife and what you have to give a husband is special, so don’t waste it on someone who doesn’t deserve it. What you bring to the table is worth more than treasure. Reserve it for a man who is willing and able to bring you the same.


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4 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Dating a Married Man

  1. Tenley

    Dearest Reed, I love your take on this question, I think all of us get these questions and it is certainly great to let our customers know we are not here to judge !!!!! I hear so many awesome things about you.
    Psychic Tenley

  2. millicent Richards

    Hi Kallista
    This is the beginning of my Adult life. I went to a Gospel Concert met the drummer called Gm he was 19 years old I MR was 17 years old.

    That’s was the Beginning of my life story falling inlove.He was this player, with so many woman 3 of us fell pregnant at the same time then he had a choice who to marry of the choice his mom wanted him to marry the one woman of which he did then I walked away .The other woman had an affair with him and had another child then his wife died and he married someone else and N still had an affair with him . we are the love of each other’s lives all the kids know that. He is 57 years I’m 55 years now.

    Then he divorced her and lived with N and got married to her 14 years ago he came to ask me but I was in a relationship then. but he has always come and go in my life we have a very great connection and share a son now 34 years and 2 grandsons I never allowed him to ever get close to me .i always knew I was special to him but now I know how deep the feelings are .

    About a year ago in 2017 on our son’s birthday we were together for the first time when I let my guard down something happened that night that we have this bond still after 38 years.

    He has always done things for me and go out of his way to see me happy he says he loves me so much and is living in his regrets .i always tell him that we love each other but cannot be together maybe it was never in our destiny. then he will say that you can run and hide but I will always find and its always true we have Chemistry we a spiritual connection body soul and mine that what we believe .will I ever meet someone that will love me the way he does or will he always be there in my life .Will I ever find happiness that I deserve and is he part of my Destiny. PLEASE ANSWERS ME .

    Thank you

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Our psychics don’t give readings in the comments section of our blog posts due to privacy issues. If you’d like a reading, please visit Thanks!

  3. Phyllis Adolph

    Hello about 11 or so years I was seeing this man named islmael an he found me on Facebook about 4 years ago
    An his daughter got married last year he came up from Cali that is where he lives
    I went an seen him I was getting ready to leave he was walking me to my car but we stop on the front porch and talked for like
    2 or more hours before I left.
    I would like to know if he cares for me still
    I know I still have caring love for him
    We had some good memories and in those ten years I have always wondered if we would of cross paths an start where we left at.


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