Psychic Q&A: The Marriage Mistake

Psychic Q&A: The Marriage Mistake

Exploring Her Feelings for Someone Else

Dear Cameron,

I’ve been married for 12 years and I think I made a marriage mistake. I’m beginning to wonder if marrying my husband was ever the right decision. That’s because I recently met a man who has become a good friend. First, we were just talking but now it’s turning into something beyond friendship. I feel like I am riding an emotional roller coaster because of my marriage mistake.

I want to separate from my husband and take some time to sort things out. Is this a wise choice? I also want to separate from my husband so I can explore the feelings I have for the new man in my life. Are those feelings temporary? Do I only have romantic feelings for him because being with him is more exciting than my 12-year marriage mistake? And, if I leave my husband for this man, will we have a future together?

I feel like the universe is throwing me a curveball because I’ve become too comfortable in my marriage. What do you see for me, Psychic Cameron?

Thank you.


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Dear A.,

Thank you for your question. I can appreciate why this is a confusing time for you, full of a lot of emotions and joy! Here is the tarot guidance I am receiving for you at this time:

I can see through the Judgment card that you have been reflecting on your marriage and your life in general. You have been second-guessing your decisions and asking yourself if this is where you really want to be. My intuition is telling me you were feeling this way even before this new man came into your life. The cards also indicate that the idea of change has been something you’ve been thinking about daily. On some level, you think that if change doesn’t come soon, you’ll be permanently stuck. I’ve done thousands of readings, and many times when I see a tarot spread like yours, someone new, a person who I’ll call a game changer, comes along at the right time to stir things up.

Here’s what I know about game changers: They might be around long enough to inspire you to move on from your so-called marriage mistake, or they could end up being a new life partner. Whatever the end result, your relationship with this new man will lead to change. There is something about this new man that makes you feel excited, hopeful, and renewed about romance. That’s always a good thing. However, even though you feel like you’re dancing on a cloud, you should also try to ground yourself and consider all the options before you.

My cards indicate through the Eight of Coins that another reason you want to leave your marriage is to see what your life would be like on your own. There is a need for independence in spite of your desire for new love. The romantic feelings you have for this new man mesh with your destiny and the changes that you would like to see in your life.

My advice to you is this: I don’t believe that you made a marriage mistake. 12 years of marriage is an important accomplishment and it should be honored. Sometimes relationships end; there aren’t any bad people involved, but people outgrow each other. If you feel that it’s time to move in a new direction, respect your husband and your marriage, and determine if there’s anything worth saving. Would counseling help? If you feel like your marriage is really past the point of saving, then ask for a separation with dignity. Do it for yourself, and not for a new partner or because of past regrets. Then take some time to sort out your thoughts about the future.

The Two of Cups in your reading suggests that there is a strong possibility of a relationship with this new man in your future, but it’s important you take the right steps to get there. You need more time to see what kind of future he’s looking to have with you. While his intentions seem honorable from my reading, there are some people who are attracted only to those who aren’t completely available. When you tell him you’re ending your marriage, see how your relationship with him changes. We often imagine how wonderful a future will be with someone else, but how much do we really know? I would suggest having a conversation with the new man about how he envisions his own future before you make any sudden life decisions. You don’t want to make another marriage mistake down the road.

I see you being happy in the new year. It’s very possible that your marriage is over and this new man will play an important part in your future. But make the choice to leave your marriage mistake, as you call it, because it’s the right decision for you, and not because of anyone else.



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