Psychic Q&A: Her Military Boyfriend

Psychic Q&A: Her Military Boyfriend

From FaceTime to Real Time

Dear Cameron,

I have been in an online relationship for two-and-a-half years with my military boyfriend who is stationed overseas. We have come to love each other—as much as two people who have never met in person can. We share everything, and he knows everything about my life. He promises to come and see me as soon as he is released from his duties. My military boyfriend is American, and I am Canadian.

His tour is coming to an end and I am wondering if he really intends to see me. He has made a few attempts in the past, but something came up at work and he could not be released. I have given him over two years of my life and have passed up other opportunities for love because I want to be with my military boyfriend. How much longer do I have to wait for him?

He tells me that he is also anxious to start our life together, but I don’t think I can wait much longer. Can you help me make my decision?

I am extremely anxious as I wait for your reply.


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:


Thank you for your question. While I know you are asking for yourself, I am also aware that there are many people who can identify with your situation. I have consulted my guides and asked them to advise you through my tarot cards.

Let me begin by first saying that I appreciate the challenging dynamics of a long-distance, online relationship; they can be rewarding but they can also be difficult as well. Being away from the person you love, especially when you have been far away from friends and family, can be painful. What you want, more than anything, is to have that person in front of you; to spend time with you. The fact that you can maintain this relationship reveals to me how much discipline and patience you have—not everyone can handle a relationship like this.

What I see in your cards is that despite the fact you both share a special connection, I believe your military boyfriend finds it overwhelming to consider your future together. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you. It just means that there are uncertainties about his next steps—The Ten of Wands at the beginning of your reading. Your military boyfriend appears as the King of Wands upside down. This tells me that while he loves you, he is distracted, and on some level, unavailable. This is what you’ve been feeling.

Your military boyfriend has to make some life decisions at this time, and things aren’t completely stable—the Five of Coins. This may relate to where he will live or his next course of action. He may be protecting you from some of his fears by not sharing them. However, I do believe he is at a turning point in his life and he’s not sure about making a serious commitment at this time.

I see in your spread—and I see this often in online relationship readings—that your military boyfriend is aware that seeing you now and spending time with you (after these years online) takes the relationship to another level. What some people don’t understand is that online relationships, while at times wonderful, also mean that someone is able to control the communication. They feel more in control and less vulnerable. Your partner is aware that when you meet, the relationship will change, and there will be expectations. Most of the fear, I believe, is in his head. If he overcame his fear and saw you, I think he would realize that you both can work things out. At least he is honest and has told you directly that he has anxiety about starting a life together. It’s important to listen to him.

My advice to you is that you make another attempt to schedule a time to see him, with a timeline that you feel comfortable with, so you can talk about the nature of the relationship. Give him a range of dates and work with him on figuring out when he is available. If you find that he still comes up with excuses or attempts that ultimately fall apart, then I believe it’s okay to walk away from your military boyfriend. As I see you in my cards (The Queen of Coins) you are a stable partner who wants to build a life with a loving partner. But a life with someone else requires a stable foundation and that’s what you need to build at this time.

Finally, as my second deck suggests, don’t underestimate the feelings of loneliness when you are stationed away from your partner. Sometimes isolation contributes to feelings of anxiety and despair over a relationship that seems to be “going wrong” and can cloud judgment. The answer is patience and clarity. I see romantic success in your future, even if your military boyfriend isn’t able to make the commitment. The main thing is to trust yourself and what you want. Spirit will help you with the rest.



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  1. Sonda Lee Homalon

    Hi, my question is, “Does my husband of 32 years still love me or is he just here with me out of pitty?” I just feel he’s pulling away from me.


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