Psychic Q&A: Her Possessive, Controlling Boyfriend

Psychic Q&A: Her Controlling Boyfriend

Her Controlling Boyfriend Doesn’t Honor Her

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Dear Kallista,

I have been in a relationship going on five years, and six months in, he became a possessive and controlling boyfriend. We’ve actually known each other since childhood and in the last 20 years, we’ve run into each other about five or six times. We were so happy to see each other every time. Then in 2013, we met again and quickly fell in love. Things turned violent after he accused me of hiding things from him and lying to him. But I think he is lying and hiding something from me. I believe he is cheating on me, although he would never admit it.

He always starts a fight with me and then he leaves. This time, I found out he’s been talking to a lot of random people online. And, he’s not helping out at home other than putting food on the table. I pay the bills and I confronted him on the fact that he doesn’t help much and that I think he’s cheating. He never did say or do anything to make me feel better about my suspicions. Why is he putting me through this? I am a sad, sad person right now and I don’t want to feel like this. I feel like I have no life and I have no friends because he wouldn’t let me have any. Kallista, I don’t have anyone to talk to.


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear J.,

Thank you for writing to me. You are deeply stressed by your controlling boyfriend. You are very sad, yes, but you are also angry because you know you deserve so much better than this. I know this isn’t easy to hear, but your reading shows that if you choose to stay with him, there’s nothing ahead for you but more abuse, and it will get worse the longer you remain with him. He will not change.

While your controlling boyfriend is not in love with any other woman, I’m sorry to say that he is indeed being unfaithful to you. You are quite right; he will never admit it. He has a very bad temper, and his violent side can erupt without warning. Please keep this number available for your protection: National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-SAFE (7233). He is taking advantage of you in every way, including financially. He has isolated you, all for the purpose of having greater power over you. You feel you don’t have anyone to turn to, but helpers will come. There is a mother figure showing up in your reading; she will assist you. You have only to reach out.

You asked why your controlling boyfriend is putting you through this. He feels that crushing you down raises him up and he thinks he “owns” you. He believes that after every fight he can turn around and put on a nice front, even acting apologetic so you’ll do what he wants. But you have seen through him, and you are stronger than he is, J. You are hurting, but I see you will quietly escape this miserable man, and soon. If he finds out where you go, he may try to badger you into returning, but you won’t give in. Your happiness and well-being will be restored once you leave him. It will take some time, but you will fall in love again—this time with a man who will honor you and love you always.

May you be ever blessed,


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7 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Her Possessive, Controlling Boyfriend

  1. Michelle Gaut

    My name is Michelle Gaut and I am in relationship almost thirty years and we at again not talking and not seeing each other because we not on the same page. We just though this in November and I make plans for Fathers Day. I text him but he don’t call me like he use too. What to do.

  2. Maricar

    I had been separated with my ex husband since 2008 and been divorced for more than a year now but why is it that I still feel somehow that he is still controlling my life? I was ordered by court to pay him a hefty amount of spousal and child support but now that i got laid off, i don’t have any other means of paying him. He never contributed anything to my well being, now i feel trapped and cannot do whatever i want to do as i hardly have anything left.

  3. Maricar

    I had been separated with my ex husband since 2008 and been divorced for more than a year now but why is it that I still feel somehow that he is still controlling my life? I was ordered by court to pay him a hefty amount of spousal and child support but now that i got laid off, i don’t have any other means of paying him. He never contributed anything to my well being but why do i still feel that he’s still controlling my life?

  4. Sara E. Azzinnari

    I am grateful to the advice I received from Psychic Persophone last Spring. I did what she told me to reach out to one of my business educational contacts. It was very much a relief to confide in someone.
    I also want to thank Psychic Harmony for her compassionate and honesty of my earlier life situation. It put alot of healing perspective and I can now see how my former would be greif stricken without me karma wise. I am too good for abuse. Thank you, California Psychics for your skill, talent and compassion.
    Thank you, Psychic Kim for your fun and fearless candor as well. Your words just put the bad people in their place, like my former.” The Real Deal”. Regards, Sara emily

  5. Kayla Hale

    I called last year and she told me stuff that never happened…. She hit on some stuff but my husband doesn’t love me again!!

  6. D

    I am going through similiar with a husband who is always accusing me and of disgusting things and I think more like he is the cheater. It hot home this article. Wish her the best. When she is out of situation maybe, she can talk at schools and help others. God bless.

    1. Denise go b Dee Dee use D

      Thanks for publishing this and pray she will be better. Mine always threatening to kick me out. Tells me leave on the third. I just wish I knew when his job was maintenance at a hotel why he had his wife of 3 years in Sept thrown out put in a van to sleep.a week. He did choose to come with me but I swear I saw a woman behind him early Am when he was taking me to eat. Nice guy. When returned I parked next door to sleep he said he call police. Police came pulled my background and nothing so told me just go to the shopping plaza next door. He thought police take me or make me leave but not, on my side. Swear think cop saw too a woman coming out bc he though I left. He says no.Did he have this woman in room? What did they do? and he had a good woman, law degree, no criminal background, non smoker, no drinking nodrufs, cook 3 meals a day when we had our Florida place, faithful, etc, good woman, he move out for week of bike week, and always threatening to leave, I am a good person and 23 yrs older but look young. He recently got turned on my only son. . I don’t know him anymore. I am faithful, loyal 110%, kind, loving Christian. Help need advice and bc $ ran out I have none. I will call soon but, need help now. Please. What do you see? Other phychic says together to the end? What does that mean? Divorce ends, death or what?

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