Psychic Q&A: Running From Relationship Problems

Psychic Q&A: Running From Relationship Problems

She Has a History of Running From Problems

Dear Kallista,

My girlfriend and I recently broke up and I miss her and her son so much. She and I used to work together and it was over a year-and-a-half before we started dating. We only dated for four months and in that time, I learned that she has several bad relationships in her past. I think these relationships are what caused her to run from our relationship problems. In my opinion, these were relationship problems that we could solve.

I haven’t seen her or her son in two months. He’s a great kid and he was a big part of my life while I dated his mother. Ever since we broke up I have been seeing signs from the universe that she and I should be together despite our relationship problems. For example, my phone freezes on pictures of her. What do you think that means?


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Alexander,

How difficult and painful it’s been for you to deal with these relationship problems. It might help you to know that because you gave your best to her and her son, they both often think about your good heart.

You could not have known at first how damaged she is from her past relationship problems, but as you learned more, you were certainly willing to help her solve these distressing issues. But only a professional counselor can help her attain the kind of healing she so desperately needs. Unfortunately, she is not ready for that yet.

My reading shows that you have been experiencing synchronicity with signs from the universe, and these signs are telling you that you will soon reconnect with her briefly. While I wish very much that I could tell you something more positive, this reconnection will only be for closure.

Your ex-girlfriend is not ready for a real relationship with anyone at this time. I’m so sorry, but your only option now is to let this go. If you continue to pursue this, it will only end up more agonizing for you than it already is.

It may be hard to think about now, but if you open up your heart again once you’ve healed, a dark-haired woman with beautiful energy will come your way in the first quarter of the New Year. She will instantly capture your interest, and you, hers. She’s ready for a long-term relationship and children, and if you choose her, she can be your loving life-mate.

Wishing you blessings,


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3 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Running From Relationship Problems

  1. Charline

    Dear Kallista,
    This year was very bad for me. My biological father passed away and it took a lot out of me. I don’t see closure coming with him until after I deal with his family over the will. I feel they are hiding something from me.
    I don’t see this ending well. I barely get along with his wife and I feel she is part of the reason I didnt see him growing up. I don’t want the house, which is in his name for a number of reasons. I want to set something up so that I may never see any thing from it.
    I need some help on how to deal with all of this. I want to move on with my life. I dont belong in their world. His adopted daughter, who is 8 years younger, has already threatened me about talking with her mother. I didnt get to speak at his funeral. I’m this dirty secret because I’m his illegitimate daughter.

    Please help me deal with this so I can move on.


  2. Pablo

    Q: Me And My Aries Ex Had Big Communication Problems And I Recently Found Out She Was Not The Person I Thought She Was. Will She Return So I Can Atleast Get Closure On What Really Happen ?

    1. Manion for life

      Well for one thing is your ex now that you know that she wasn’t the person that you thought she was is that a good thing or bad thing and if it’s both then I think your ex is wondering the same thing why you’re not or have been pursued her harder to get what you want if you’re wanting to know what happened from her instead of either one trying to figure out what happened way harder number two trying to make sure whatever happened doesn’t happen again or three if you don’t know what happened denim what did you do that you weren’t supposed to that you didn’t try harder to make sure that she wasn’t feeling this way or not wanting to fight for you as well if you’re asking that question usually means that you’ve done something that you shouldn’t and you’re couldn’t get your way around it so you had to let her go and now he might be still trying to play IH you don’t know but you do and that’s the real problem I think this girl probably was in love with you deeply very deeply and it still is and probably will always be but she must have had to make a decision about something or has to be the most responsible one if she’s not on here asking a question not to be rude at all or disrespectful to you please don’t take offense that’s just how I feel I think I comment on it just always remember this love does not hurt and when you want something or when two people are in love and nothing can break that bond that God already has said 4 you I just feel my senses are telling me that she is dying on the inside every single day but she I guess that’s it play your role mixer fell out of place so maybe I should switch roles I don’t know so that way well actually she probably would get your real right because then maybe we wouldn’t be here I don’t know so you hope you did everything in your power to try to fix the problem whatever it is before it got to this point and I mean did anything anything everything that’s what love is and I mean not the kind where you can get in trouble or lose your home or lose your Finance or or get judged by people that don’t even care about you guys or your relationship and it also sounds like you must have too many other people in your relationship trying to break you guys up or probably from the very beginning probably got too many people in your relationship and even though maybe at first she brought them into the relationship but sounds like now you’re getting acquainted too much with other people. Sounds like you don’t even know what happened and that’s not good and that means somebody else definitely sabotage your relationship as well as you that’s some deep s***

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