Psychic Q&A: She’s Seeing Dead People

Psychic Q&A: She Seeing Dead People

She’s Seeing Dead People for a Reason


I started seeing dead people at the age of nine. I was never afraid of them—even the spirits who had negative and cruel energy. Even earlier in my life, I started having precognitive dreams at the age of six. I would explain to my mother everything I saw, asleep or awake, and her response would be, “You are a liar. Keep lying and I will whip you.”

I have always found joy and peace in writing. I would write down every dream in a journal. My teacher, being nosey and dumb, read my journal inside my desk. She told my mother, my mother confiscated the journal, read it, burned it, and took me to church to have demons cast out. I was eight. Shortly after, I started seeing dead people more frequently to the point where I hated passing a graveyard. I was forbidden to discuss my abilities with anyone and was told to pray to get rid of them.

It was not until I accurately predicted the death of my brother-in-law on my 16th birthday that my mother started to believe my abilities were real. I am now 41, and nothing has really changed except I’m seeing dead people less. However, I am now foreseeing major events before they happen. I have told family members, coworkers, and strangers about births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc. well in advance of their occurrences. I’m feeling ready to utilize my abilities more and I also want to understand them better. I’m certainly ready for my higher level.

Do you have any sound advice?


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Nakesia,

You have a beautiful psychic gift, and I’m so glad you realize it and accept it so completely. You are a medium, which is why you began seeing dead people at such a tender age. Spirit protected you, and you knew you didn’t need to be afraid of seeing dead people then or now. You also have several guardian angels who are watching over you and have done so since you were born.

I’m very sorry your mother had a negative response to your gift. I’m also sorry that the people in your church reacted the way they did. You were just a little kid, and you never had any demons to cast out. They didn’t know any better, but it caused you unnecessary pain and anguish. Sometimes it can help to remind folks that the Holy Bible is full of seers, prophets, and sages. It was how God spoke to His servants. He still does. John 16:13 tells us the Holy Spirit will show us things to come.

You have asked for advice. Many of the things I’m saying to you here are things you may already know, but I have found them  to be very helpful:

  • Make a point of connecting with your higher power (or whatever you call it) first, and then invite it to speak through you as its vessel. Also, welcome your guardian angels and the angels of the people you are reading for.
  • Prayer and meditation are major keys to keeping your connection strong with your higher power (however you call it) and reaching higher soul levels. Your steadfast connection with that being will serve you well.

Fortunately, you recognize that helping others with your gift is not about ego; you know that ego only gets in the way. If you choose to make your living with your gift, charging a fair price is a positive energy exchange. You know that your talent of being a medium (seeing dead people, as you say) is to help, uplift, guide, and support others.

You are open to continually learning about your abilities. This means you’ll get more and more guidance in countless ways. Call in your teachers. There’s a helpful mantra for attaining whatever it is you desire. It’s five little words: “Right (what you are asking for), come to me.” In this case, it would be “Right teachers, come to me.” They will, and soon. It usually happens within 30 days. However, it can take quite a bit longer.

Everyone has psychic ability. Everyone can reach out to Spirit and receive guidance. The difficulties come when strong emotions make it hard to hear it clearly. After all, it’s hard to see in the middle of a hurricane. That’s why even psychic readers need psychic readers to help them clarify things! Now and then, Spirit will show you that something better is coming for people than the thing they are asking for. They may already sense it, so it’s your job to confirm it for them, along with showing them how to go about getting it.

There are many books you can benefit from: There’s “One Last Time” by John Edward. Another one is “Second Sight” by Dr. Judith Orloff. They are very helpful to those exploring how to best use their psychic abilities. I also feel you may write a book down the road, for writing is another one of your lovely gifts.

There is much more to say, but these are the basics. Please call any of our wonderful medium psychics for further instruction. They will delight in helping you along your way.

Blessings of Love and Light,


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6 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: She’s Seeing Dead People

  1. Paula Soap

    My fiance Vivian Hall and I just recently had to live separate, because of her mother, I live in Oklahoma and she lives in Michigan, I have driven to see her occasionally, but recently she has been acting kind of strange, just want to know if she is seeing someone behind my back?

  2. Tess

    As a Psychic, I’m sure you don’t need any prompts from me.

    I’ll wait to hear about what you’ve been “told” or “shown”.

    Thank you

  3. Karen womack

    I would like to know when will I be coming into money and is it enough for me to just get by or to live comfortable for a very long time to come

  4. Anonymous

    I was in a not so healthy relationship for 14 years. After I was tired of being cheated on and taken for granted I decided to try and let my hair down and have some fun. The person was consistent for nine months saying they wanted their family back. Well after they met someone all that suddenly went away. When I decided that maybe we could try it’s been a constant back and forth battle that they blame me for. I really don’t know what to do at this point

    1. Nancy Martines

      My son was in a car accident and coded four times befor I got to the hospital! They told me he was brain dead and I donated his organs. I still worry that I made the wrong decision and that I somehow caused his death! Did I kill him?

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