Psychic Q&A: Will He Come Back?

Psychic Q&A: Will He Come Back | California Psychics

Is it Over for Good?

Hi Rika,

My boyfriend is very much younger than me, and we recently broke up because he wants a family and not to be alone when he’s older. He will most likely outlive me. He has started a relationship with a newer, younger, and affluent woman. I am wondering if he will ever return to me, or will I finally meet my true soulmate and get married in 2019?

Thank you,


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13 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Will He Come Back?

  1. Monica G

    Hello Rika, my boyfriend of 6 yrs broke up with me cuz I cheated on him. And the guy I cheated with broke up with me we were together for 6mths. Do you think I will get one of them to come back to me?

  2. george

    hi I’m George
    I have been separated for3 years we been married for 30 years she makes 5 times more money than me I’m homeless
    will she ever comeback and save me from the streets we still husband and wife8

  3. L. Sheff

    Psychic Rika hello. I am in a situationship with this guy and I want to know if we are going to make it. We have been together over a year. I really love him. I believe he loves me too ,but I think he is afraid of commitment.
    Thanks Lisa

  4. Brittany

    I’ve wondered the same about my ex boyfriend. 5 months together and we were doing well, even with minor tiffs. Then outta the blue he dumped me. Gave me reasons that kinda shocked me. It’s been well over a month and my heart still has a little ache towards him. I felt like he was my mate but now I have to try to move on. Yet I’ve always wondered if he thinks of me or if he’ll even come back..

  5. beverley

    my husband passed away and I never thought I would meet some one again but we broke up over stupid thing I still love him will I never see him again he was my everthing I miss him

  6. Mary

    Hey I need to know if I’m wasting my time with him or I need to be patient. Do you see future btw us married or I need to let it go , he’s my soulmate . Do you see another men soon .thanks

  7. Donna

    I do not want my ex boyfriend to come back at all just let me know if what i am feeling is true and he do not tey to come back never in his life.

  8. Vanessa Waln

    Hi Rika.. My husband an I have been together 15years an been through so much together still holding onto our love. Except things are different I feel the light has went out an he has betrayed me I feel it …my intuition is telling me I need advise on what I should do next. This hurt can not go on anymore


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