Psychic Q&A: Will My Business Thrive?

Psychic Q&A: Will My Business Thrive | California Psychics

Starting from the Bottom


My life has not been good for the past 16 years. I’m finally coming back into myself and feeling creative and positive. I’m hoping to start a business from home and was wondering if it will go well?

Thank you,

Hi Aimee,

Thank you for reaching out to us here at California Psychics. It is my honor to assist you with your question.

First, I want to give you a resounding YES! You will have genuine success in your new business from home. It is the kind of business that ultimately helps people. You appear to have the needed patience to nurture it along while it grows, and your hard work and discipline should result in financial blessings from it later this year. Expect even greater growth in 2023 and beyond, because this business seems to flourish over the years ahead.

Now to address what you said about your life. For the past 16 years, you have been on what I call the Hero’s Journey. Your struggles appear to include a relationship with a male who was, shall we say, full of baloney. He was immature, selfish, and seemed to always do exactly as he pleased, no matter how much pain he caused you. There were other people who were close to you who also appear to have presented several challenges that weren’t easy to overcome and affected you emotionally, physically, and financially. But overcome them you did.

It took a while, but like a hero, or heroine if you prefer, it looks like you’ve grown beyond the painful trials and traumas you endured, and you were rewarded by finding more of your strength, inner wisdom, and self-love along the way. Your intuition has saved your life. Like a piece of coal crushed into a flawless diamond, you have found multi-faceted beauty in yourself. Deep down, you are whole and unbreakable.

The reading shows that you have helped many people, even while you were in the midst of so much suffering. You have lovely healing energy, and you are good with kids. Do you know you have a talent for teaching? Because you have been through so much darkness, you know how to bring light into the lives of others. You also communicate well, and you are both creative and resourceful. You have a good mind for business. It appears that you will have a new vehicle (or new to you) early this year.

It looks like you have new friends coming in soon as well. There is also love here for you, from a man with darker hair and a strong build who makes good money and will show you support, love, and devotion. Marriage is here if you want it.

Know that the worst is behind you, and the best is flowing like a river toward you now. Like a butterfly, you have burst out of the chrysalis and your beautiful wings are ready to help you take flight and soar into your new life.

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