Getting the Right Message Across in a Psychic Reading

Getting the Right Message Across in a Psychic Reading | California Psychics

The Importance of Being Listened To

How do you decide who to talk to about certain subjects? While you may feel close ties to all your friends and family, it’s not unusual to have to pick and choose which person you feel might best understand what it is you wish to discuss at any given time. Not everyone is suited to talk over every subject after all.

It matters to most everyone how well they will be listened to and understood. In general, everyone needs to feel supported and cared about, especially when they are dealing with intensely personal and deeply sensitive issues. What you might want to share about your work or love life, for example, may be best understood by a friend who has a helpful perspective about the situation rather than someone you know who doesn’t seem to quite be on the same page with you.

Finding a Psychic Who Will Listen

This same idea holds true when you are selecting a psychic advisor for advice and insight. Getting the right message across in a psychic reading can depend on the approach of the psychic you choose and how you most like to receive advice. Do you prefer to talk with someone who doesn’t sugarcoat anything and gives it to you straight, whether their news is good or bad? Or do you prefer someone who seems to slip into your skin and feel empathically for you? Then again, you may prefer to hear uplifting and motivating advice best of all.

Psychic advisors all have their individual manner of communicating; their own “flavor” if you will. With a little exploration, finding the psychics with whom you connect well with and who feel like the “right fit” can be an exciting journey. Let’s take a look at three types of psychic readings and see which tone you best connect with.

Straightforward Psychics

Sometimes you just want to get straight to the point, and these advisors tell it like it is, no matter whether the news is good or bad. They tend to give it to you straight, getting right to the heart of the matter. They are often quite direct and will deliver insight without any sugarcoating. They strive to give advice you can act on in ways that will improve your immediate situation and your life overall.

This type of reading may be exactly what you need. It can rev you up and get you going to work on any issue you may currently be facing, and while some adore the John Wayne style of “shoot from the hip,” this type of psychic reading is best suited for those who are certain they can handle it. Otherwise, you may prefer a manner of reading that might be a touch gentler. If that would be more to your taste, read on.

Compassionate Psychics

These gentle psychic advisors tune into you in a deeply empathic way. It is as though they slip into your skin and feel what you feel. They open their heart to yours and often sense what you cannot say. They have a nurturing vibration, one that can be soft, soothing, and comforting to your soul. They work to help you restructure your broken places with wise and loving advice.

Everyone needs a little healing balm of tenderness now and then, and this way of reading can make you feel like you are wrapped in a warm spiritual blanket until you feel healed enough to go out and face the world again. This is an excellent style for those who are new to psychic readings, or for those who are feeling extremely vulnerable or fragile. Many love this type of reading, but some feel the need to be buoyed up with encouragement like wind beneath their wings. If this sounds like you, please continue.

Inspirational Psychics

These psychic advisors are your cheerleaders. They aim to uplift and inspire you to be your very best self. They see which actions you need to take to get where your heart most desires to go. They have a way of making even the most beaten down spirit feel as though they can rise up from the ashes like a powerful phoenix, ready to conquer the world.

It can be elating to be cheered on so your spirit can soar again with shining confidence, especially when you’re feeling low. When you feel genuinely heartened, you feel energized enough to be able to accomplish just about anything. If you feel yourself lacking in motivation, or you need help making an important decision, this is the type of reading for you.

Your Psychic Fit is Out There

With all of these wonderful reading styles, it can be tough to choose, because you might want a little of everything. As you explore different psychic advisors and their ways of offering advice and information, you will find that some are a mix of all three styles, usually with one particular tone at the forefront. When you find the right advisors for you, you will have a splendid support team, and that is a winning combination.

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