The Benefits of Reading with a Remote Viewing Psychic

The Benefits of Reading with a Remote Viewing Psychic | California Psychics

Psychic Kavita is a Remote Viewing Psychic, and has worked with California Psychics for 8 years, and when she is not doing readings for customers, she donates her time to work with law enforcement to help locate missing persons and evidence that may be useful in active police cases.

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote Viewing is the ability to sense, see, and feel a specific person, item, or place from great distances. I use my connection with my guide, Daniel, and my gifts of clairvoyance (clear sight/seeing) and clairsentience (clear feeling/knowing) to assist me when performing Remote Viewing.

The Remote Viewing Process

I always prepare to work with Spirit in the same manner. I begin by smudging myself, my workspace, and any tools I may use for the remote viewing session; pendulum, crystals, maps, – even the computer sometimes. Everything has to be “clean” so as not to interfere with any energies I may tap into.

“Before a remote viewing session, I like to meditate for five minutes to get the world’s energy in my connection. This helps me pick up spiritually what is going on around the world with people in a particular way. I always keep a window open when I am doing this, as I like to hear the sounds of the Universe coming through.” -Psychic Alto

When I’m searching for a missing person specifically, I get into contact with Daniel, place a picture or personal item of the person near me, and sit still with a pad of paper to jot down any first impressions. I also ask Daniel a lot of questions during these sessions, starting with, “Are they alive or not?”

I also lay maps out and gaze at them to see what jumps out at me after the questions session. Usually, a specific area will appear brighter or bolder as compared to the rest of the pictures. Once I know the area to focus on, I’ll use my clairvoyance to tap into the terrain, and ask Daniel to guide my sight to more specific landmarks, such as waterways, a forest, etc.

Once I have the area on the map marked down, I drive to the area and take a walk. I follow the energies I first noticed through my remote viewing until I’ve narrowed it down to a specific spot. That’s when law enforcement comes in to begin a search.

The Many Uses of Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing can be used for many reasons, not just locating missing persons. Some psychics use it for locating missing items. You can also use it to gain information for events that are currently ongoing or have taken place. It can be used for the location and collection of physical evidence, missing animals, or distant family. The list is truly endless.

“My usual remote viewing questions are about love reconnection, timing a job opportunity, or figuring out an approximate timeline for a career transition.” -Psychic Rogers

Practicing and Improving Remote Viewing

My first recommendation is that if you don’t have a trusted Spirit Guide to help you hone your abilities, find a partner you can trust to practice with. Have your partner decide on a person, item, or place for you to focus on.

Always take time to cleanse you space before you begin. Clear your mind, think about whatever it is your partner has chosen for you, then let the information float to your senses. Write down what you “see” or “feel” regarding the item they are holding, the location they are in, or the target person. Sometimes it might be a picture in your mind, a smell, or even an emotion.

Write it all down without filtering. Trust what you get and don’t try to interpret right away.

Then compare the information with your partner. Don’t worry if you don’t get a lot of information right away. The more you practice, the more confidence you will have.

As with all psychic abilities, practice, practice, practice! The more you use it the stronger it will get.

“I remember one time I was giving a relationship reading to a lovely lady when she asked me what her boyfriend was doing at that exact moment. I remote viewed that he was about to phone her at that minute and she went, “No way!” and then she said, “Could you hold on Alto, I have someone on the other line,” and it was him! She came back in shock, but a pleasant shock.” -Psychic Alto

Our remote viewing psychics have the ability to receive intuitive impressions of people, places, and things, and a remote viewing psychic reading can give you the vital, detailed information you’ve been seeking.

Find a remote viewing psychic or learn more about remote viewing psychic readings.

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Reading with a Remote Viewing Psychic

  1. Kim Sparks

    I have seen clear orbs, solid beautiful clear orbs and green ones, what do they mean? Two women are missing from here, can you tell me where to find them? OHIO by the river I live. Thank you so much!!! Kimberly

  2. Kay

    How do I know if I am connecting with a family member, or the spirit of the family member, deceased? How would you use remote viewing to determine this?

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Yemaya,
    Yes….the US has used psychics for decades now ( decades even before the infamous ” stargate project ” )….they had to…..the Germans and then the Russians were the first to use psychics for remote viewing, so we had to ” catch up ” with their experimentation on remote viewing AND telekinesis AND telepathic communication.

    Very interesting stuff…..much of what we term ” new age ” is not new at all.

    Then, over the years,…..Law Enforcement officials started to use remote viewing to aid in certain cases, lost children,murder investigations ( body recovery) as well.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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