The Difference Between Mediums and Channelers

The Difference Between Mediums and Channelers

Mediums or Channelers? You Decide!

When it comes to psychics and psychic abilities, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all world. Psychics possess a wide variety of skills, and some are better suited than others to help you access the guidance you seek or the spirits you hope to connect with. Mediums and channelers both specialize in communicating with the spirit realm although they differ in how they communicate and whom they seek to connect with. Let’s start with mediums.

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People who possess mediumship abilities are able to act as an intermediary between the living and the dead. They may hear the voices of those who have crossed over, often repeating phrases exactly as the departed spirit would have spoken them when alive. Or they may visualize your departed loved ones, sense their energy, or feel their thoughts. A medium is who you want to reach out to when you want to receive a message from a family member or friend who has passed on to the spirit world. You might want guidance on an unresolved family matter or you may want to confirm that this person has had a successful transition from the earthly realm to the great beyond.

It can be helpful to hold a photo or an item that belonged to the departed so that the medium can form an energetic connection with the person you’re hoping to communicate with. The information received by mediums can give comfort and offer a means of staying connected with loved ones on the other side.

The messages you receive are often more relevant to the past than the future. And while some messages may shed light on future events, mediumship isn’t about divination, but communicating with loved ones in the spirit world and hearing what they have to say. Sometimes they may have an important message while at others times they may want to chat about mundane events. When you talk with a medium, it’s best to approach the session with an open mind and an open heart. Also, you should have a tablet or a pen and paper handy to take notes. A message that doesn’t make sense right away could prove to be invaluable in the future.


Rather than acting as an intermediary as mediums do, channelers allow spirits to become embodied and speak directly through them. Some channelers may go into a trance state while others will remain alert as a silent witness while the spirit speaks to the petitioner.

Channelers work with a wide variety of spirits who inhabit a multitude of realms. These include nature spirits, animal spirits, spirits from the angelic realm, guardian spirits, as well as deities from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions. These spirits might also come from what we might identify as alien races or cultures. There are also spirits that are native to particular structures, buildings or locations. What all these different spirits have in common is that they possess a much wider view of everyday concerns than we do. They see the bigger picture and the consequences of our actions. They are not limited by our often myopic, human perspective.

A good channeler vets their spirit guides. This ensures that they’re working in the service of love and are interested in helping humankind evolve. Most channeler/spirit relationships are cultivated over a number of years. This ensures that the channeler can receive information relevant to the person seeking the reading. As with medium readings, the information might not ring a bell right away so file it away for future developments.

Connect to Spirits According to Your Preference

Remember that spirits see well beyond what you are focusing on in the here and now. What you hear could help you make the right choices about a future job or relationship. It could even help you avoid danger or loss. It can also provide the inspiration and guidance that helps you achieve what seems impossible from your current vantage point.

Whoever you choose, trust your chosen mediums or channelers. When you let go and let the spirits take the wheel, you’ll head off on an amazing journey of insight, answers, and adventure.

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