How Pet Psychics Work

How Pet Psychics Work | California Psychics

What is a Pet Psychic?

All relationships, including those with our pets, occasionally encounter obstacles and challenges. When solutions to problems appear fleeting or unsuccessful, you might want to consider the assistance of a Pet Psychic. A Pet Psychic is a skilled and practiced psychic who has the ability to communicate directly with your pet either through telepathy, mediumship, via reading their auras, and sometimes all three.

This communication exchange is not done through words, but through the psychic’s ability to feel and interpret energy similar to radio or vibrational waves. While an Animal Trainer needs to be present with your pet for the purpose of teaching and reinforcement, or the Animal Whisperer’s presence is required to observe, mollify, and change your pet’s behavior, a Pet Psychic need not be present to know what’s going on with your beloved animal companion.

What to Expect During a Psychic Pet Reading

When you decide to have a reading with a Pet Psychic, it’s important to know that each psychic comes to the table with a unique set of skills that enable them to connect with your pet. Most psychics will begin by taking a moment or two to quiet their minds of distractions and focus. Telepathy, which is the transference of information from one being to another without the use of language or any other sensory observation, is one of those ways. Through telepathy, your psychic might receive images, symbols, even the translation of thoughts and feelings that best convey what your pet is experiencing.

I recently had a client who stated their young dog had been exhibiting odd behavior and wondered if their pet was falling ill. After a few minutes of focusing, I discovered that another family pet had passed away and the young dog felt anxious and uncertain about her place in the family. She was also lonely without other animal companions. My client, still mourning, realized they hadn’t been as attentive as they normally were, and began taking the dog for daily walks, including a visit to the dog park once a week. In less than a month, the young dog returned to her happy self.

“I had a lovely pet reading one day with a woman who rang up, concerned about her cat. She was distraught and said that the beautiful seven-year-old cat that she’d had since it was a kitten was lying about and not being playful, nor did it want to be stroked or pet. So, I tuned into her lovely cat, named Mellissa, and Mellissa explained to me that she was scared of the new green cushion on the sofa. I told the client what the cat has said to me, and she said she would remove the green cushion from the couch immediately. She rang me back an hour later and said that as soon as she removed the green cushion, Mellissa the cat was running about, being playful, and wanted to be pet again. She was so grateful.” –Psychic Alto

When a Pet Goes Missing

As a psychic who specializes in animal communication, locating missing pets is the number one question asked of me, and for good reason! Our pets are near and dear to us and, for many, are as equally important as our human family. Time is always of the essence when a pet has gone missing. If initial efforts at locating your pet have failed, you may want to contact a Pet Psychic for assistance. 

Reading Pet Auras

Some gifted psychics have the ability to see and interpret the electromagnetic field that surrounds objects, humans, and animals. Similar to telepathy, a psychic will receive a spectrum of colors, which provides vibrational information that allows them to specifically hone in on the mood or ‘vibe’ your pet is emitting. This is known as an energy signature and provides pet owners the insight to address any special needs, emotions, or conditions taking place with their pet. Animals are highly intuitive, with emotional intelligence that many times supersedes their human counterparts. Whether we realize it or not, our pets are always relaying information to us through psychic means. 

“In the middle of the night, Milo (a 9-year-old terrier mix) had started crying and whining and would not get back onto the bed to go to sleep. He would just sit next to bed and whine.  His owner couldn’t understand it, as the dog could jump up on the bed at the beginning of the night just fine. When the owner would get up in the night, Milo would follow him to the bathroom but wouldn’t get back in bed afterward. His owner tried letting Milo out and giving him a snack, but nothing helped. I connected to Milo and saw that his hips were inflamed and tender in colder weather, and he communicated that he was afraid to try to get back up on the bed when it was dark. He was sad, as he loved curling into the side of his owner’s legs to sleep. I suggested pet stairs and the owner agreed, and even called back to thank me!” –Psychic Yemaya

Pets Who Have Moved On

As pet owners, nothing is more devastating than the loss of a beloved companion. Even worse is when we have to make the difficult decision to help our pet to cross over due to serious pain or severe illness. The grief we experience is heart-breaking and can leave us with endless questions. Navigating the waters of grief is the chore of time but speaking to a Pet Psychic Medium can be extremely comforting as we move through this process. Psychic Mediums have the ability to bridge the veil between those living in the physical world with those living in the spirit world. They are able to receive and deliver messages that can not only help ease our suffering but restore our faith in knowing our beloved pets are safe and live on in joy. 

“A regular caller who had a special connection to her fur baby called because her cat had fallen ill, and she had to have her put to sleep. My caller felt guilty and was grieving so badly she couldn’t sleep or work. We connected with her baby on the other side of the veil, and I was able to help my caller understand how animals view death without fear, and to understand their spirit is still with us afterward. And most importantly, how grateful the 17-year-old cat was to be released from all of her pain. It helps to see the bigger spiritual picture. It can give us the peace we need to process the loss of our companion. I am grateful to be able to help ease their pain.” –Psychic Yamaya

Pet Psychics and Wild Animals

Of all living beings, the energy that wild animals possess is some of the strongest and most pure in the entire world. They are without ego, they create balance within their environment, and live instinctually with the laws of Nature. Although they are not tame and cannot be considered pets by any measure, many wild animals form connections and bonds with humans. Indigenous cultures throughout the world have developed unique and timeless narratives regarding the nature of animals, which helps us to understand not only ourselves but the world we share. I once had a client, who was somewhat perplexed and amused by the herds of deer living openly on her farm. It’s not that deer were unusual, but instead of staying in the surrounding forest, they were openly gathering in the pastures and near the barn. After a few minutes of focus, it became clear the deer felt safe and at ease. They were comfortable, enjoyed watching human activity, and had chosen to make themselves at home.

Afterward, my client told me she had fond childhood memories of visiting her grandparents on that farm, and after they passed, she and her husband purchased the property. Instead of raising animal stock for food, they decided to open a sanctuary. Animals can easily feel shifts in energy and intention, even if they’re not in direct contact with humans. When this property passed from one generation to the other, so did the farm’s purpose. The deer instinctively sensed this and recognized the farm as their sanctuary too.

Animals in nature can also show up as messengers from loved ones in the spirit world or provide much-needed information that we’ve been seeking. We only need to be willing to observe, and the patience to learn.

Deepening Your Pet Connection

The reasons for contacting a Pet Psychic are varied and numerous, but there are a few things we all can agree upon: Our animal companions are deeply important to us, and we want to provide the happiest and best life possible for our furry beloveds. Whether your pet is missing, has crossed over the rainbow bridge, or you simply want to check how your animal companion is feeling, consider reaching out to speak with a Pet Psychic today. 

Death is not the end of your strong bonds with your loved ones. A psychic medium can connect you to those who have crossed over. During a psychic medium reading, you can share messages, get closure, and so much more.
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