How To Improve Your Tarot Predictions

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What Are Tarot Readings?

Tarot cards are a divinatory tool with origins in 14th-century Europe. Most decks are composed of 78 cards — 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana reveals significant life events, while the Minor Arcana provides insight into smaller things that may be going on. Additionally, the Minor Arcana is divided into four suits: the Wands (sometimes called Staffs), Pentacles (sometimes called Coins), Swords, and Cups (sometimes called Vessels). Each suit has its own meaning and associations that provide extra context and information during the reading process.

Tarot readings can help you understand your inner wisdom and intuition, as well as the energy of the Universe. This can make it easier to see what is hidden in thoughts and feelings, in addition to revealing truths to the reader so they can make the best possible decisions in matters of love, career, and life — among many other things.

How Do You Learn Tarot?

Many people find it easiest to begin learning with the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, as it is the basis of most of the other decks out there. However, you can start with any set, so long as you feel comfortable with it. Once you’ve acquired your cards, hold the deck in your hands and let yourself become one with it. You will find that it is a living thing that is tremendously sensitive to your energy.

Study the exact definitions of each card, and then ask yourself what they mean to you personally. Writing your observations down can be helpful at this step. As you develop your own language with your cards, you may find that a card’s traditional meaning transforms, turning into something that is specific to you.

Eventually, pick a couple of easy spreads, perhaps a three-card spread or the Celtic Cross. Practice asking Spirit a question as you gently shuffle the deck, then lay the cards out one at a time. Read each spread as if it is showing you a story — because it is.

How Accurate Are a Beginner’s Readings?

Even if you are new to Tarot, your readings can be very accurate. However, practice will help you learn how your cards “speak” so you can develop a more confident relationship with them. Additionally, to become truly accurate, a reader must move beyond their ego and start trusting their inner voice.

That said, remember that there can be more than one outcome to any given situation. Your response to a reading can affect what happens, and you are more than capable of changing the future after you receive insight from Tarot.

Common Tarot Mistakes

There’s a lot to remember when learning how to read Tarot, and some amount of error is to be expected. Luckily, making mistakes just gives you something to learn from. That said, here are a few common pitfalls to watch out for:

  1. Worrying about memorizing the entire deck. Just read through the classic meanings of each card so you have a basic grasp of their general energy, then spread your wings and fly. Use your intuition to supplement your knowledge, and cross-reference later if you must. You will learn to understand them over time.
  2. Allowing ego to take over. Ego can block Spirit from flowing through you as you read. Maintain your humility and it will allow you to read with loving truth and clarity.
  3. Letting fear take over. Reading Tarot is essentially an act of faith. Trust that what you need to hear will be provided. Rely on your intuition.
  4. Not offering strategies to change an undesirable outcome (especially when reading for someone else). Bad news with no plan of action can be frustrating and demoralizing. Many outcomes can be changed with loving guidance, and Tarot can help you offer insight and encouragement so that a person can create these changes in their own life.

Improving the Accuracy of Your Tarot Readings

If you want to hone your reading skills, there are luckily a vast number of ways to do so.

First, with each new deck, set time aside to consecrate and develop a relationship with it. On the first night, sleep with your deck under your pillow to facilitate this process. This only needs to be done one time, but treat the deck with honor and respect during this process. It is sacred. After all, your Tarot deck helps connect you directly to the Divine. It is yours alone. Wrap it in silk or velvet and keep it in a safe place; perhaps in a wooden box or special bag dedicated to your cards. If you feel like your deck needs to be cleansed, you can use sage smoke, or you can let the sun or moon shine on your cards for a little bit. You can also use crystals, or even breathe on the deck to blow away any negative energies that may have accumulated.

Taking up meditation is also a great way to improve your readings. Meditation is a key part of connecting with your Higher Power. This practice will continually increase your intuition and accuracy over time. Additionally, if you can use meditation to approach every reading with a calm mind, it will make it much easier to see the truth clearly, strengthening your personal readings significantly.

As you gently shuffle your deck, try to connect with who or whatever you’re most comfortable with. This can be Spirit, your angels, your ancestors, or your deep inner self. Then ask your chosen guide to speak through you in each reading. Watch out for the Major Arcana, as they will tell you what is most important. Observe the positions of the cards too, since they’ll help you weave the story of what you need to know. Trust your first impressions. If one card keeps coming up, that can well be your answer. Additionally, you may find that open-ended questions tend to give more information than “yes or no” questions.

You can practice by pulling one card in the morning and another in the evening, then seeing how they match up with the things that happened that day. This can improve your accuracy, as it will strengthen both your relationship with your cards and your ability to discern what they are telling you.

Your mental state is always of paramount importance during readings. When you are working with someone else, be sure to read with loving kindness and helpful intent. Avoid topics related to death and disease, and steer away from giving medical or legal advice. You want to avoid inadvertently planting any seeds of fear or misunderstanding. If necessary, you can recommend that they seek the advice of a doctor or lawyer.

Likewise, when reading for yourself, you want to avoid getting caught in your own emotional hurricane. This is why expert Tarot readers sometimes go to other psychics for insight rather than reading for themselves. This allows them to receive more objectivity when they are too close to a topic. To avoid this issue, take a few moments to find your inner calm. Ask your question as though you are reading for yourself as another person. For example, you could say: “Show me my mother’s daughter/son/child,” then say or think your own name as you lay out the cards.

Additionally, sincerity is everything. You should have a real need to find the answers you seek. Once you have your answer, you can lay down extra cards for clarity. If you don’t like the answer you receive, you may be tempted to pull many times for the same question. Unfortunately, you’ll quickly find that the Tarot stops responding whenever this is done. Instead, step back and meditate on the response you received. You can ask clarifying questions afterward, but don’t pull repeatedly in the hopes of getting an answer you like more.

Get Perspective From the Cards

Learning how to do Tarot readings can help you reach a higher spiritual plane, and they allow you to find answers to things that might otherwise remain shrouded in mystery. Though it can be tricky to master, the knowledge that Tarot provides can be life-changing in the most positive ways.

If you need extra guidance or would like the insight of Tarot without all the work, a professional psychic advisor can offer you the gift of objectivity, clarifying your concerns and helping you see the truth. They will gladly assist you on your journey so that you can reach your goals and find happiness.

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