Mary El Tarot: January 26 – February 1

Mary El Tarot: January 26-February 1 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Phantasmagoric images, so edgy and extreme, some almost nightmarish. That’s what I thought when I first looked at the Mary El Tarot!

But, then, I looked further… and deeper.

This is not a deck for the faint-hearted. But, for you who are by nature plutonian, this might be your favorite deck.

The images are raw and intense. Some are x-ray images of body parts and internal organs representing chakras of the body, mind and spirit, the “psycho-sphere”, if you will.

Some are tender and wistful with ominous skies. Some are bordering on thrilling, or scary.

You will love it or hate it, but I promise you won’t be indifferent to the Mary El deck by Marie White! There is nothing ethereal and delicate about this.

The cards are gripping and visceral. They only lend themselves to penetrating interpretations. They seem to emerge from somewhere deep in the landscape of the inner “shadow”. C.G. Jung would love it. But they are beautiful in their vibrant and shocking power.

The companion guidebook, The Landscapes of the Abyss, takes us into the reading through the eyes of the Moon, the High Priestess, the Tree of Life and the caduceus.

Is this the “alchemy of the soul?” Let’s dig in and find out-

January 26 – Sunday


Justice is an Egyptian goddess with serene blue eyes. She looks off into the distance and sees the big picture before deciding. The card tells us today to pause and see the entire landscape before making a big decision, or before acting. In this picture, Justice holds the frond of a large feather pen.

She says to be especially fair in what we put in writing today. A situation will arise calling for fairness and balance. Are we up to it? We are being told to meditate on what justice means to us today.

January 27 – Monday

The Empress

The Empress in this deck gathers a basket of apples from the tree of life. She draws resources from the cosmos. She wears a red rose of passion around her neck suspended by a cord. It is a real rose from nature, not an image printed on her clothes. She carries her child on her back as she strolls through the forest. She is up off her throne and uses what she needs from the surrounding environment. Her expression is deep and peaceful.

Today’s message is that by engaging in everyday life, maybe even with what is menial and “every day”, gives us power from the earth.

January 28 – Tuesday

The Hermit

A skeletal female form, hidden by blue spirals of the subconscious, beckons to us. She is faceless and anonymous. Curled and ancient hands are all that emerge from her deep blue robe. They hold today’s message. It will include wisdom gleaned from an ocean of experience.

She tells us today to find the crone in our environment. Answers to   problems we need to heal come from her today. They will come through something she says, does, or, merely, is.

January 29 – Wednesday

Five of Pentacles

A naked and wild beggar is living in the woods. He is pale and frightening. His hair is tangled. But, he has had a spiritual vision and his face becomes as radiant as an infant’s.

He points to his heart and shows us his pathway ahead, a summery stream with blue waters surrounded by a green, lush pasture. He has found the path leading to his happiness and freedom.

We are told today to look for summer within ourselves, even during the bleakest “winters” of consciousness. We are told that the path will reveal itself, as it has for the beggar.

January 30 – Thursday

Seven of Wands

This Seven of Wands is a white wolf with rapacious green eyes. He is menacingly close to our faces on this card!

We might have to ward off an injury today. This could be an assault on our energy, or our values.

Our best and only true weapon is the light of truth and love. We can bring this through by surrounding ourselves with a huge gold light, extending sixty feet outward, rushing around and through us, like a waterfall!

Visualize this before, during, and after an uncomfortable situation today. It will create happiness and healing for everyone.

 January 31 – Friday

Six of Swords

There is danger in the air but we are being helped through the situation. This help is from a supernatural being, angel, or guide but could also be from a human.

There is nothing to fear because we are being looked after. In this picture, the huge red-winged angel is guiding two children and their dog through a shadowy valley.

All will be well today despite appearances. We are told to call on the assistance which is available both from this realm and beyond it.

February 1 – Saturday

Page of Wands

The little Page typically brings messages. His honest gaze is topped by a dove painted on his third eye. He sits in a mass of red, violet, and lavender roses. Holding a sword in one hand, and a wand in another, he chooses to create something rather than go to war. His hair is flaming red. His hands are relaxed and gentle.

His message to us today is to choose gentleness and peace. They will bring constructive endings to problems we have today.

A Fun Spread to Try: The True Love Spread

This spread is perfect for when you need to know if someone is your true soul mate or just another nice date. It projects the probable outcome of a romantic encounter and helps you decide who to invest time with.

Shuffle the cards well and lay them face down on the table in front of you. Concentrate on a person of interest and visualize them very intensely, wearing something you are used to seeing them wear, about one foot in front of you into the room.

Randomly select six cards from the deck and place them vertically, one through five, in front of you face down in a straight row.

Place the sixth, and final, card face down to the right of the column, about at the middle.

Card 1-You

Card 2- Your Lover

Card 3- The deepest connection points between you,

Card 4- The strengths in your relationship. What should you emphasize?

Card 5-The challenges in your relationship. What could make it fail?

Card 6- What needs to be done to win and keep this person forever?

Well, we’ve emerged from the abyss in one piece, I see. So good to see you again in the daylight!

Sending you bright blessings on your journey!

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