Extraordinary Stories

Every now and again during the daily lives of Psychic Mediums, out of the ordinary experiences occur that stand out to them as amazing. Some are even goosebump worthy – as they look for the answers to your questions from those on the other side.

And because spirits naturally seek out Mediums to deliver their messages to those of us who are here on earth, Mediums may also get visions and visitations when they least expect them. Our psychics reveal all, as they talk about some of their most exciting experiences as Mediums – some occurring while they were children.

At the breakfast table one morning Maryanne ext. 9146 looked at her dad and said “Good bye. I love you,” in a tone of voice that sounded like an elderly man. “It wasn’t my voice and it shocked me. My dad just laughed and said, You sounded just like my father.” Later the family was notified that her grandfather had passed away. It had happened while the family was having breakfast!

At age seven Fiona ext. 5178 had a dream of a very old man dressed in robes, surrounded by light. He handed her a sparkling rock and said with a smile, “In time you’ll know what to do with this.” Years later, while wondering about her purpose in life he appeared before her. “In a split second I realized the rock he placed in may hand years before was a crystal. The message was a supportive visit from her spirit guide, as she looked at the paths in life before her. “He said he’d never leave me, and that he knew what I would choose to do.”

The unifying message in their stories, our Mediums say, is the enormous sense of service and accomplishment that their work rewards them with as they relay messages that give assistance, clarity and closure to those who seek it from the other side.

Our Mediums say that no matter how strange or confusing the message might seem, it still needs to be delivered. It’s up to the recipient to understand the information, not the messenger. Whether a Medium is new or experienced, at times the visions, feelings, words, scents and sounds can be a puzzling mix of information that the Medium must translate without judgment.

For example, in the midst of a reading Judianne ext. 5129 says she experienced an usual sensation of chills, which means to her that a spirit had arrived. “I remember seeing a man holding a sunflower – he looked very much to me like Henry Gibson as he appeared on the old television series Laugh In. I was confused, because he certainly didn’t seem to have anything to do with what my client wanted to know, but I told her anyway. My caller cried, then she laughed. Her father had been a prize-winning sunflower gardener!”

More often than not, the spirits bring messages filled with love and laughter, tells Brendalynn ext. 5173. “They have a sense of humor that is healing and grounding, and a reminder not to take life so seriously. Weeks ago, I was speaking with a client when her parents came through. I saw her baking pies when she was young. I tasted salt. I asked my caller if she made a really good dinner pie, but she said she didn’t. I still had a taste of salt in my mouth that kept on getting stronger. I finally said, “This pie just keeps on getting saltier and the caller busted out in a belly laugh, saying she knew what her parents were talking about. She had made a berry pie with salt instead of sugar when she was first learning to bake. We laughed so hard, it hurt. This is the sort of thing that happens often.”

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