Psychic Word of the Day: Medium

The term Medium refers to an individual (or Psychic) that serves as an instrument through which a spirit of a passed loved one or the spirit of a spirit guide, is able to relay messages and knowledge to human beings. One becomes a Medium by choice and some say an individual’s body chemistry is the deciding factor on how well they receive messages.

There are two main techniques of mediumship — Psychics that hear and relay messages from spirits, and Psychics that channel spirits. Psychics that channel spirits go into a trance like state and allow the spirit to use their body to communicate with living beings.

Psychics who are Mediums use this skill to aid individuals in reconnecting with the spirits of passed loved ones.

This technique could give that individual the answers needed to complete the healing process.

Many just want reassurance that their loved ones are in a good place. Mediums have also assisted in solving crimes.

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