Psychic Q&A: Her Distant Fiance

Psychic Q&A: Her Distant Fiance

Backing Away From His Commitment

Dear Cameron,

I have a distant fiance. We are in our 40s and have known each other since we were children. We also dated before but lost contact until we reconnected about four years ago. Then we got engaged last year and were supposed to get married in February. That didn’t happen, and I think his mom has something to do with it.

He used to be at home with me after work most days, but now I see him one or two times a week. He says he’s going to his mom’s house after work, but why? Should I believe him? If he’s being truthful, why does he feel the need to spend so much time with her? If he’s lying, does that mean he’s cheating on me? I want to know why he’s avoiding me. I also want to know why he really proposed to me. Will we ever get married? How long will he remain a distant fiance?

Tina P.

Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:


Thank you very much for your question. With the help of my spirit guides and cards, I will do my very best to answer it for you. I will begin by saying that I appreciate why you’re experiencing frustration with your distant fiance. He appears in my cards as the King of Cups upside down. While I can see that you both, at times, have had a special bond through the Ace of Cups, there is still something that he is withholding from you.

With the Ten of Wands beside him in the reading, I believe that he is distant because the idea of marriage overwhelms him. In other words, he is probably aware that it’s time to decide how the two of you want to live together, when the actual wedding will be, where you will live, and that it’s time to begin making serious plans.

I don’t believe he is a serial cheater or looking for another girlfriend. However, I do think he likes to go out drinking with his friends, and that he’s probably not telling the women he flirts with that he’s about to walk down the aisle. The Ten of Coins also reveals that his family has too much influence over him. But if that’s the case, it is still his responsibility to make a decision about his future. A man who decides to marry in his forties should certainly not rely on his mother as much as your fiance does. Rather, he should be telling her, “This is the woman that I love. I hope you can accept that.” This will have a serious impact on your household if you choose to marry your distant fiance.

Ultimately, I believe with The Lovers card, also upside down, that your distant fiance feels stuck about which direction to take. I sense intuitively that he fears he will have to give up his “freedom” and he will have much more responsibility. I believe he proposed to you because at one time he thought marriage was a good idea, but now he is having some second thoughts about the timing.

The bottom line is this: You need to have a serious talk with this man. The fact that your February wedding plans fell through suggests that he has some explaining to do. I wouldn’t attack him, or respond with anger, as he may shut down, but just ask him directly, “How do you see your future together?” If he hesitates to respond or gives you answers that ask you to wait for several more weeks, months, or years to come, you need to walk away from him. In other words, a distant fiance doesn’t make a good husband.

This should be a happy time in your relationship, but he has left you feeling alone (evidenced by The Hermit card) and insecure. My guides reveal that if you want the love you are looking for with this man, it will only happen when he sees that you will no longer allow him to take you for granted. If he can’t give you a plan and a commitment, move on.

My loving thoughts are with you,


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