The Relaxation Tarot Spread

The Relaxation Tarot Spread | California Psychics

How Can I Let Go of Stress?

It’s a question common for many. At times, it seems we have so many troubles, and they are so very real. Worry for ourselves and our own well-being; worry for those we love; worry for the world. Our concerns chase each other in circles and intertwine with our daily thoughts, beliefs, and activities, choking peace and calm right out of the picture.

So, what can we do to regain some focus and find that next step forward into our future? Tarot is a tool to do just that.

Using Tarot to Relieve Stress

This is a short, four-card spread loaded with profound potential! It is deceptively simple. Lay out the cards left to right horizontally, with cards One and Two first, then card Three slightly toggled to the right and below them, and card Four (the outcome), aligned to the right of cards one and two.

An Example Tarot Spread

A caller, Jared, was stressed about everything. Stressed about work, relationships, money, and life! He called for a reading to sort out the situation and to come up with a plan about what to prioritize in the present in order to move forward to the life he envisioned for himself.
The cards brought out his issues, and some solutions, as follows:

Card One- What’s one worry I can let go of today?

Nine of Swords

This card’s meaning: Having some sleepless nights by any chance? This card is nicknamed the “insomnia” card by some readers.

Stress that keeps you awake and pacing the floor is its signification. Nightmares can be another, as can addictions brought on by anxiety, depression and, you know the rest of the story.

Jared was facing some hard truths about his daily habits and how they were making him feel.

Let go of anything you can’t change, change what you can, and ask the Universe to give you the wisdom to know the difference. If you can really do this, peace and calm will ensue.

Card Two- What physical action can I take to relax and unwind?

Ten of Wands

This card’s meaning: physical/mental action to the point of exertion, leading to productivity.

Sitting and fuming does little good. The magic of action begins as soon as we get out of the chair or bed and start moving. Hard work itself can be captivating and absorbing. Even house and yard work can be grounding and relaxing. But fun physical exercises like dance, yoga, walking, running, and biking are probably better. They all involve breathing more deeply and completely.

Jared joined a gym and made his health a priority. How can you work on a little of these things today or this week?

Card Three- What rejuvenating and special treat can I give myself today?

Three of Cups

This card’s meaning: Belonging, celebration, and joy.

The image on the Three of Cups is friendly, fun, and frolicking. The pictured trio of friends toasts each other as they cavort around a maypole. What form of this takes place in your life? Is it an online pow-wow that you’ve come to enjoy? It is a “friends’ night out” that you do routinely? A hobby group, spiritual group, or even dinner with the family?

This card’s message involves a connection with others. Those we really enjoy, not those we are obligated to deal with. Jared found a tribe that shared the same goals as he did and began to flourish.

Maybe, too, it’s all about communing with members of the animal kingdom, the flower kingdom, or even butterflies or other insects for you to feel connection and belonging. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s fun and interactive.

Card Four- What insights have I gleaned from this to take an inspired step forward?


This card’s meaning: Balance is beautiful.

You know, 50/50 fire and ice. Even too much excitement and joy can be stressful. A wedding, the birth of a new child, a move to a nicer place, or even an exotic vacation have all been known to bring on illness. Kind of mysterious, isn’t it? But, maybe, not. Because the biochemistry of extreme excitement is similar to that of fear.

Jared realized he had an all-or-nothing approach to life which put tremendous pressure on him, and he gravitated toward high and low extremes.

The message the Temperance card has for you is to try to not go to extremes at all. Shoot for the right balance of what is needed for body, mind, spirit, self, and others, in the right proportions, at the right times. By making balance a guideline for each day going forward, good outcomes will happen.

No Day but Today

When we focus all our attention on this moment, the cycle of worry and stress is broken. Today’s really all we have, and it’s all we need. By staying in the reality of the present, we can plan flexibly and happily for a future we’ll enjoy living. And as always, Tarot can help point the way!

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