Royal Thai Tarot: October 27 – November 2

Royal Thai Tarot: October 27-November 2 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Thai native Sungkom Horharin created the Thai Tarot deck in the early 1980’s. A business law lecturer by day, he also owns a tarot hotline. He collaborated with two local artists, Wasan Kriengkomal and Verasak Sodsri to depict a lovely view of Thailand within the structure of the tarot deck.

The Major Arcana in this deck depict persons or deities in Thai style, while the suit cards are not illustrated, except for suit emblems. They are numbered and titled in English, making them convenient for reading. Our reading this week will be taken from the Court cards and Major Arcana of the deck. I love this deck because the images and meanings are so different from the western decks. They bring out a completely different dimension for me, and I hope for you, too!

Journey with me now to Thailand and let’s take a look at the week ahead through the images of the Royal Thai tarot.

October 27 – Sunday

Wheel of Fortune

This simple, beautiful wheel image is decorated with lotus flowers, suggesting that good fortune will always spring from enlightened thoughts and actions. The center of the wheel shows empty space from which enlightened thoughts spring. It is the “nothingness” of transcendent consciousness and contains all possibilities. It is the super-conscious void from which all things are created. The green foliage at its circumference is the lush growth of Source’s creativity. The card tells us today to take time for silence and connection with Higher Power. All growth and manifestation will come from that.

October 28 – Monday

The High Priestess

The Priestess in this deck is pictured standing, or actually, dancing! She holds a long stem lotus in her left hand. Her skirt is the fiery red of physical energy and swirls around her legs. Her face is serene, happy, and detached. She has a message for us today. She suggests that the point of stillness can as easily come from mindful physical activity as easily as from still meditation. The leaves swirling around her legs look like she’s moving rather fast. She suggests to us that we should take a mindful walk today without headphones or other distractions, and let the activity reveal the answers to your deeper questions.

October 29 – Tuesday

Knight of Cups

This knight is returning from an adventure. The rich purple of his clothes suggests royalty. It is royalty of the heart and soul. He bears a gift which he holds high. It is a precious vial of knowledge and wisdom. It has been gleaned from his distance and estrangement from what he loves the most and he is now returning. He carries the gift as a realization. Someone is returning today bearing a gift for us. It could be a material gift but probably isn’t because it is pictured as rarified and exquisite. It is the gift of his heart!

October 30 – Wednesday

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is female in this deck. She sits in deep meditation, in a perfect lotus posture. Her sixth chakra (third eye) is a jewel which denotes her mental clarity. The sixth chakra, operating clearly, involves both intuition and rationality.

The Hierophant advises us today to be meticulous as we approach learning something that is important to us. Shut out all distractions and give the material your total focus. We can let the knowledge become part of us and approach it with the respect it deserves. Let’s ask ourselves: What body of knowledge deserves our total focus and attention today?

October 31 – Thursday

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles has a practical genius, bearing rich results. He is a builder of wealth but is mature enough to keep material issues in perspective. The card tells us to move ahead with confidence and build solidly. In this picture the King holds the wheel of fortune in his hand and dances with it! The card is asking us to proceed into the project of our choice with confidence today, for the universal energies are behind us. As Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

November 1 – Friday

The Empress

Facilitate favorable results by being positive today in all interactions. This is the “great mother,” symbolizing fertility. In this deck she is seated gracefully, her breasts full of the milk of kindness, on a meditation cushion. In her right hand she holds a sheaf of grain revealing her nurturing and providence. The card asks us to have a forgiving, generous attitude today, brought about by empathy for others’ struggle and pain. It asks us to bring a healing influence into every situation we enter, and to bring love for ourselves along with it!

November 2 – Saturday

Ace of Cups

By making a special point to find the precious gem inside each person and situation today, happiness will be achieved. The suit of cups represents the heart, fantasy, feelings, and love. This is a joyful card showing an ever flowing stream of love, support, and communion. We can only stop this flow by feeding ourselves on “junk” thoughts that limit the ever flowing love of the Universe. A retreat might be called for until love and trust returns.

Let’s practice sweetening our life today by looking at every person or situation through the lens of their evolutionary potentials. In this deck, the figure pictured in the center of this ornate vial of overflowing happiness is showing us that our perspective on others is really what creates happiness for us! Just for today, let’s take up the challenge of viewing absolutely everything with the eyes of Divine love.

Thanks for joining me this week! Hope to see you again.

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