How to Strengthen Your Mediumship Abilities

How to Strengthen Your Mediumship Abilities

The Art of Mediumship

What is it about October that makes people interested in the spirit world? It could be the Hunter’s Moon, Halloween/Samhain events, and the longer nights—or a combination of some or all of these elements. This is the season that inspires people to wonder what’s waiting for them on the other side of life. Perhaps they also want to contact those who have crossed over too. As a California Psychics reader, I notice an uptick in the request for readings involving mediumship.

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I would be remiss if I didn’t add this disclaimer: You must study in earnest and never attempt contact without the supervision of a well-established psychic medium. Just as you would never leave your front door wide open throughout the night, you also don’t want to leave your psychic energy wide open in your early attempts at mediumship. Therefore, it’s a prudent idea to begin your studies by asking a trusted psychic what books or classes can help you in your pursuits. Many of my students have gone on to become very successful psychics but first, they had to learn how to listen and how to be patient with their advancements. The study of mediumship (like any divination) takes a great deal of time and dedication in order to fully embrace and utilize it.

Mediumship Begins With a Simple Exercise

Once you have begun your studies, I offer you a simple exercise to try which is a rather rudimentary effort, but it’s also a wonderful way to get accustomed to the interactions of energies that exist in other dimensions. To begin, make sure you are in a quiet and safe place. A small alcove in your home you can designate for meditation would be a great place to sanctify for this process.

Using a Pendulum

Turn off your phone, television, and any other kind of distraction. Bring a white sheet of paper, a marker, and a pendulum into the center of what will become a sacred circle. The pendulum can be an actual pendulum used specifically for this purpose or it can be a necklace, etc. Be sure to drape the chain OVER your first finger and hold the remaining chain between your finger and your thumb. This cuts down on the possibility of your subconscious mind making micromovements to change the outcome of the answers you seek.

Making Your Sacred Circle

Stand in the center of an imaginary circle within your sacred space. Place sea salt at eight places along the circle: north, south, east and west and then in between each of those directions. Now settle into the center of your circle. Make whatever kind of declaration you feel in order to declare that space as a place of love and protection. Remember, that this is YOUR space too. Therefore, nothing can influence anything in that circle without your consent and invitation.

Get Your Baseline 

Align your pendulum with the energy you are exhibiting. You can do this by holding it over the white paper and asking a question for which you already know the answer. Does the pendulum swing in a circle? Does it swing back and forth? Whichever direction it’s going will be the way to determine the answer. Any question will do as long as you already know the answer. This is known as getting a baseline read. Now you know how your pendulum will communicate its answers.

Connect to a Specific Energy

Now you can begin by asking for a specific energy to contact you. Perhaps a parent or other loved one who has crossed over would be a good starting place. It’s very important that you ask only “yes” or “no” questions and patience is vital when it comes to mediumship. Connecting with those beyond the veil is not a proven science and each person has a variation of how they prepare to contact the other side. Spiritual direction, dedication, and ethics are the most important attributes brought into this particular form of divination.

Next, record whatever information was offered to you. When you have finished your initial exercise, be sure to send the energies back to the dimensions from which they wandered. Release the energies with appreciation and gratitude, but also with a clear, concise firmness of declaration. Remember, you are in charge!

The Onset of Vivid Dreams

After the circle has been closed and things have returned to the way they were earlier, be prepared for very vivid dreams for a few days. Many energies may find it easier to contact you through the dimension of dreams. Be sure to bless your home and keep a good balance of energy so you can maintain control over your new attempts at mediumship.

Most professional psychic mediums study for many years—even those who are bonded to this gift through a bloodline. Remember, mediumship is not an “instant” line of study. Instead, it requires patience and determination, as well as an open mind and a confident, respectful heart.

Seek advice from a trusted psychic medium, like me. They can certainly give your recommendations for classes and books that can help steer you in the right direction!

Death is not the end of your strong bonds. A psychic medium can connect you to those who have crossed over. During a psychic medium reading, you can share messages, get closure, and so much more.

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