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Self-Forgiveness Tarot Spread | California Psychics

Healing the Hurt

Have you ever hurt someone else? Have you ever hurt yourself? It seems to be part of the human experience of being bruised and having to get up again. Or, sometimes more painfully still, we see how we have hurt others we care about.

When these things happen, we’d change it, if we could. We can’t though. We can’t go back, even to five minutes ago. So, how do we clear out the messy parts of our memories?

What Forgiveness Really Is

Louise Hay, healer, teacher, and publisher, said that forgiveness doesn’t mean that it is okay for us to be abused or injured, or to abuse or injure others. It doesn’t mean that we should place ourselves in a position to be hurt again, either.

It simply means we decide to “let it go.” We forgive in order to heal ourselves, not, necessarily, to heal those who’ve hurt us. But, as we free those who have hurt us, we also free ourselves. This is a spiritual axiom.

An Unforgiving Feeling

While that concept is all well and good, it can be a little more complicated and difficult to actually find it within ourselves to forgive us for what we’ve done. It’s as if we expect ourselves to be perfect, above human; never wrong, selfish, mean, or weak in any way.

Here’s an example:

Chloe came into this incarnation with many gifts and abilities. The astrologer who read her birth chart was blown away by the potential he saw there. She also came from a background that was more “privileged” than many, with access to education, abundant cultural opportunities, and healthcare. She’d had a “head start,” relatively speaking.

Her astrologer saw these things in her chart and mentioned, “I imagine you’ve been extremely successful so far in your life with a birth chart like this one!”

Chloe stared at the floor in silence. Actually, she had frittered away her trust fund chasing relationships with men who hadn’t valued her, and the one she married left her bankrupt. She overdosed on recreational drugs and almost died. She had a chain of broken friendships, and love relationships, and most of her family didn’t speak to her.

She’d never kept a job more than a few weeks.

Yet, she knew she had a destiny in life and knew it involved helping other people transition through the same missteps she herself had tripped over. With the help of her life coach, who was also a Tarot reader, she found the pathway to her future by reflecting deeply on the following spread.

Self-Forgiveness Tarot Spread

This is the five-card Tarot spread, laid out in the shape of a capital L, that Chloe used for insight. It can be used over and over, as each new horizon in self-growth presents itself. It’s a great tool for reflection and meditation.

Chloe’s Reading

Card One- What point of view do I need to release?

Eight of Cups

(Leaving happiness behind, self-rejection, wandering on, but to where?)

“I’ve trashed myself. I better just give up and shut up. There’s no going back. There are no second chances.”

Chloe worked to eliminate these self-limiting words. They ran through her mind many times a day.

Card Two- What does my limited self say about this?

Moon (reversed)

(Out of control emotion, craziness, fear, and dealing with ghosts from the past.)

“I’ve sure messed up. I guess I’m just a loser. Everyone else I grew up with seems to be doing fine, and look at me. Every time the Universe throws an opportunity in my lap, I’m too scared to show up and take advantage of it! I guess I just believe that I don’t deserve it.”

Card Three- What does my true self want me to know?

King of Cups

(Empathy, good counsel, perspective of kindness, and understanding toward self.)

Her true self reminded her, “You’ve overcome many obstacles on your journey. Everyone struggles, but few admit it. Things aren’t what they seem. And, it’s never too late.”

Card Four- How can I move closer to my true self today?

The Sun

(Nurturing, health of body, mind, and spirit to increase vital energy.)

We know that a “journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” Chloe came to understand that the low self-esteem that haunted her from birth had several causes. Her parents were stable but emotionally absent. They were always working.

Also, she had several past lifetimes in severe poverty. She had struggled to overcome disastrous abuse and even disease. She began to see how these karmic patterns played a part in her present experience.

She began the journey to her true self by speaking kindly and gently to her “limited” self when she gravitated to the old mistakes. Instead of giving in to them, and burying herself in the destructive energies, she nourished herself with better food, fresh air, and positive people who accepted and believed in her.

Card Five- How can I better accept that I’m a “work in progress”?


(Balanced thinking, objective reasoning, being fair to self.)

Sometimes it’s us who mess up, while other times, it really is someone else or simply conditions around us that deserve the “credit.” Chloe began to realize that though she needed to take responsibility for some things, she wasn’t the cause of them all. She took stock of what she herself had done and what she would do differently in the future. She gave herself a break when she failed. She came to the following conclusions:

We can be happy, even if we’re not perfect! We can realize, and constantly remind ourselves that we are works in progress. We are on the road to spiritual perfection, but it’s a long journey. Failure is a teacher. Relatively few people reach their full evolutionary destiny in a single lifetime. By having the support of inspiring people, places, and practices, we can forgive ourselves and reach more of our happier destiny.

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