Tarot: The Lovers

The Lovers features the archangel Raphael, the “Healer of the Most High,” raising his hands in exaltation over a man and a woman who seem to be standing in a Garden of Eden of sorts. This angel represents Mercury and air, which is the planet and element associated with Gemini – the twins. The garden symbolizes self-awareness – the first step toward enlightenment. Incidentally, this card was originally just called Love, which is actually more apropos since love falls in the realm of growth and maturity.

People assume that Les Amoureux (The Lovers in French) is about romantic love. But that’s not necessarily true. The Lovers deals more with opposing forces or choices at hand – hence the man and woman, Gemini twins symbolism. Usually when this card appears, you are at a crossroads and need to heal an inner rift. A choice is required and you are being invited to use your intuition versus your intellect.

The Lovers beckons you to search beneath the appearance of things and look within in order to find what your soul truly requires. Follow your heart’s desires no matter how crazy or daring taking a chance might seem. This can pertain to your career, your love life, a challenge – anything really. Jumping into the abyss may look negative on the surface but later it will prove to be beneficial. It brings you closer to being whole. This card symbolizes blessings in disguise, so it’s okay to try!

In a reading, Lovers reversed warns against making a rash decision that will more than likely be regretted down the road. You must consider your options carefully and ask if it feels right in your gut. Don’t try to force things. Your intuition will never lead you astray.

On a deeper level, the lovers can be a symbol of communion or connection with the greater universal spirit, explains Golda Poretsky, a tarot reader for the passed 13 years, based out of New York City: “There are a variety of ways in which people find a deep spiritual connection, from attending religious services, to writing, to being in nature. Very often, The Lovers is a reminder of this need to connect with the universal, spiritual aspects of every day life.”

When The Lovers appear, here are some questions to ask yourself:

What satisfies your soul?

Are you aware of the male and/or female aspect of yourself?

Do you feel blessed knowing that there are no terrible mistakes in life, only lessons to be learned?

What do you want to experience despite the consequences?

Might a temporary separation from a lover help heal your relationship?

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