Holiday Breakups

Breaking up over the holidays? What a terrible thing to do! Terrible, yes, but often necessary. Ending a relationship is always difficult, and in almost any breakup, no time seems like a good one to pass ... read more

Are You Really Healed?

Most of us who seek a reading want to know about our soulmate, yet very few of us are willing to prepare for that person's arrival. We allow ourselves to engage in relationships of all sorts, but what we ... read more
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Quiz: Commitment!

At some point in life, most of us want a committed love relationship. But the key words in that sentence are "at some point!" Are you ready now to take the next step in your relationship? Whether it's ... read more

Post-Breakup Independence

Most people will have more than one romantic relationship, go through multiple breakups, endure countless disappointments and suffer numerous heartbreaks before finding their one and only. The consensus is ... read more
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