Crystals for a Fresh Start

Crystals for a Fresh Start | California Psychics
Best Crystals for Wellness There’s something especially beautiful, fresh, and hopeful about a new year. It promises new beginnings and is laid out before us like a clean, shiny slate. We all need another ... read more

The Holistic Holiday Survival Toolkit

Holistic Holiday Survival Toolkit | California Psychics
Holidays of Cheer Not Fear We spend the whole year working for a few vacation days and some end-of-the-year holidays, but when the time comes, we are hit with multiple stressors. Holidays should be infused ... read more

Best Crystals for Change

Best Crystals for Change | California Psychics
Transition Assistance Crystals, also known as gemstones, are wonderful in helping you create change in your life. While there’s truth in the saying that the only constant is change, crystals help you make ... read more
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