Find Your Inner Shaman: Fire

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How do we find the shaman’s voice within ourselves? The foundation of the shaman’s life is the five elements – however, the very first place we process our understanding, our perception of those elements, is through our bodies.

Take the element of fire, for instance, which is associated with the direction of South, heat, and our blood…

In a sacred space inside (where you pray or meditate), clear your mind of all “clutter.” Tune out the phones, appointments, bills, and deadlines. Now focus on your blood flow, place your fingertips on the pulse point in your neck to begin, let your meditation take you down and into it, feel its heat, follow it to your heart as it pumps the blood along with the newly oxygenated cells delivered through your lungs (air). Feel that oxygen traveling to the other organs, your brain, eyes, every cell and molecule of your living body. Breathe slow steady breaths and feel your heartbeat slow, think of your lover, or running in the sunlight, and feel the slight increase in your heart rate.

Notice that when your heartbeat slows, your body is more tuned in to the “zen” state of mind, body and spirit. This is a more “natural” state of being. In this state, become aware of the heat that is radiating from your body. Did you know that you can control the temperature of your body with your mind? Just as you can cool or heat your body by submerging your pulse points (wrists, neck, ankles) in cool water, or in a hot shower, you can “call in” that same cooling or heating energies to naturally cool or heat your body by using your will to focus that “sensation” in your pulse points.

The secret power of the element of fire is that once you “tame” your own body temperature, you can control how you react emotionally, you can “cool” your angers, and you can help protect your body from cold and heat. You can also use these energies to connect with your lover.

I use the heating magick of fire as a way to be more comfortable in any weather, and to stay calm in emergencies. I can call on this energy to ignite my passion, or to wield as a tool with art and music. The temperature of the body reflects the temperature of the mind, and spirit, and will reflect in the aura when you seek to find a calm but passionate lover… shine that light out through your own aura to attract the same!

There is more to fire, so much more, that you will discover once you become aware of it. Consider your “graduation” of the element of fire as being able to raise or lower your body temperature by using meditation, or being able to use your own will to access your passion and that of your lover. Fire can bring in new passions where interest has waned. It can aid in the inspiration of an artist, or the calming of a heavy blood flow (blood pressure). May your passion always be your choice.

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