Psychic Jonathan: Honesty is the Key

Psychic Jonathan ext. 9601 began his career as a psychic in 1977. In his thirty years as a professional psychic, empath and clairvoyant, Jonathan has taught classes and seminars in various areas of metaphysics throughout the United States, and had his own psychic newspaper column for ten years. Jonathan does not need tools, but can use Tarot and crystals upon request.

We recently sat down with Jonathan ext. 9601 for a one-on-one chat. He told us about the startling experience with a ghost that first opened him to the psychic world:

“[My psychic career] began in 1975, in Chico, California. I worked in a theater, and after work I would go in to shut off lights. The lights would then turn back on, so I would have to go all the way back down to the basement to turn them off. This happened several times. I kept seeing people who weren’t there—especially a small Indian kid. We had a séance in the theater and cleared it all out. That was my first psychic experience, and that opened everything up immediately. I’ve had this all my life, but I fought it until then. I suddenly sort of felt that it completed me. I read some books, moved to Denver, went to the Colorado psychic center, and met a woman named Cora. She showed me how to read the Tarot. Two weeks later I was working for her as a reader.

“After I did that, I opened up my own psychic center in the Rockies for ten years. It was a blast. I had readers; I had a store that sold crystals, stones, books, with lot of clients, a lot of good people. I became a columnist for the Out Front newspaper, people would write me letters and I would answer them psychically. And I began teaching about metaphysics throughout the United States.

“My abilities developed over time. I had a big burst, but how much can you handle in one burst? I kept it slow at the beginning—but not now. Now I’m older, wiser, and I don’t hold back nothing. I can’t. I share whatever hits my mind.

What areas does Jonathan ext. 9601 usually read in?

“A lot of relationships. I get calls from Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada, all over United States. People’s stress issues are way up. You’ve got bad finances, and compound that with a bad relationship and you really have an issue going on. People are really hurting financially, and they may start out talking about finances and go straight to relationships. If you have financial issues, 95% of time you’ll have relationship issues, because people are throwing blame at each other.

“I’m also starting to do more work with ghosts. After moving in to a new house in Chico, I got up in the middle of night, turned around and came toe to toe, head to head with the blackest, darkest thing you could possibly come up to. I stepped backward, took a second look and it faded away. From that point on, it really opened me up when it comes to ghost stuff. Sometimes you have to have experiences to realize you have that part of you, to open it up. You can talk about it or read about it, but until you experience it, you don’t know.

“I really don’t know what to think [about ghosts]. I’m kind of torn by it. I don’t think they’re here and stranded. Many entities are loved ones who have passed; they pop in easily, telling things to the customer. They will call me asking for that information, and I give it to them.”

If there’s one thing he wished everybody in the world could recognize, what would it be?

“Stop treating each other so damn badly! I’m tired of it. Have some damn respect. There’s no reason for it at all. And I’ve noticed it more and more. The reason people get treated so badly, especially in relationships, is that their egos get in the way. They’re not wanting to hear the truth. It’s simple. You gotta realize you have an ego, and when somebody says something negative to you, and hits an anger point, what do you do? What do you ask yourself? Just say thank you, say I needed to consider it, diffuse it, and go do dishes. That’s how its done. There are times that people don’t need to engage.

Honesty is the key, you gotta have honesty. (And if I don’t know the answer, I tell em I don’t know!)”

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  1. Cameron ext 5412

    I appreciate Jonathan’s experience and his stories, especially about the theater. Great to hear about his psychic development and the fact that it is possible to develop over time. Thanks Krishna, and thanks to Jonathan for his insights about honesty.


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