Tarot is a Tool of Change

My readings are from a cross-cultural perspective and therefore I prefer to use the Crowley deck. There are 78 cards in this deck. They contain Egyptian, Grecian, Eastern, Medieval, and Christian symbols. This is the only deck that I’ve found to incorporate numerology, alchemy, astrology, and the Cabala within it. I view Tarot readings as a self-help tool, not just a fortune-telling device. To use them in that way would be to misunderstand and misuse them. The symbols are a psychological mechanism for transforming energy.

The Minor Arcana as a whole reveals the truth of what Emerson said ”What lies before us and what lies behind us is but a small matter compared to that which lies within us.” The following is an explanation of the suits…

  • Disks are physical
  • Swords are mental
  • Cups are emotional
  • Wands are spiritual
  • Each angel has a mastery — for example, the Knight of Swords is master of focus, will, intention, concentration, and passionate thinking. When having a Tarot reading, the cards that are drawn are what you are drawing in towards your life. Therefore, you can choose a different path and avoid what is not good for you. A practical application of ancient visual symbols, and in order to take care of problems you may have, one must first solve them on a mental level, then on an emotional level, and lastly on a spiritual level. If you fail to solve a problem you will get ill on a physical level of consciousness. Naturally, we’re taught to care for others which is the meaning of the Empress card, or the Earth Mother — but rarely are we taught to nourish and take care of ourselves!

    We are given an abundance of tools in order to shift our perspective and see things in a different light. We learn where we are growing and, where we are glowing! Readings help you move through life’s challenges and to burn out negativity. In a reading I clearly interpret each card for you and the energy that is drawing it into your life.

    Here are some helpful books I recommend to deepen your understanding of the Tarot.

    Jung and Tarot by Sallie Nichols

    Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung

    Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

    The God Code by Gregg Braden

    The Healing Power of Sound by Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

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    2. Valerie

      Hey, if you can figure out the lotto nbermus, or give something a little push to bring you money, why not? Big thing is for the highest good, and with harm to none.(So I’d pass on selling my soul to the guy with the cards up there.)But I think we all deserve to live comfortably. Or better. So wherever money comes from as long as I hold intent that it come from a perfect place I just say thank you, and accept it gratefully!

    3. T

      I feel that the tarot reading works. I have spoken to two psychics about my future among my broken relationship I would love to put back together, and they both did say the same thing. “He is going to come back.” Is he going to hurt me again? “If he doesn’t change his behaviors, then yes he will, he is putting you thru a love triangle, and is not sure what he wants. He want to be in a committed relationship with you, but at the same time, he would like to go out in the world and do his own thing. He still loves you, even though he did say he moved on and has been saying it as a ‘friend’ way, but he is in love with you, but is hiding his feelings. He is going thru a depressive phase.” He really is going thru a manic depression. He is bi-polar from what it seems in my eyes, and everyone else who scans his behaviors and how he treated me thru the 3 years, they can tell he is as well. The funny thing is, he is with a new girl, and said to me Sunday, “I still love you” me “I thought you didn’t love me anymore.” him “I still do, tons.” It made my heart sink, it made me feel so happy. I felt like he was hiding his feelings, but why did he tell me he moved on and wasn’t in love with me anymore, and yet he is telling me he still does?

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    12. Heidi Kentwood

      Hi Lori~ click on the “Make an appointment” link below or call 1.800.573.4784 – and if you’re certain to be amazed at how accurate, speedy, and insightful CP Tarot readers are. I practically get two a month!

    13. Lori Ludwig

      I would like a tarot reading. I have several different poeple claiming that they are psychic’s, but they always want me to buy something so that makes me skeptical.


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