What a Tarot Reading Isn’t

What to Expect From a Tarot Reading

I’ve been doing tarot readings for a long time, and I wonder if that point of view hinders me on occasions when talking to new tarot clients. If I were to guess, the popular view of tarot readings is a woman in a dark room, flowing clothes and a headscarf—peering over a deck of old, tattered cards, using the light shining through a crystal ball to show you exactly where your life will go. And for some reason, in my head, she’s cackling. Will have to pay attention to see if I cackle.

Most likely, your tarot reader is wearing Converse high tops and jeans. Well, this one is, because that’s how I’m the most comfortable. All due respect to our Romani and other tarot ancestors, but headscarves itch. The best tarot reader is one who feels comfortable in her own skin. If you go through the psychics on California Psychics, you see every kind of person, which is one way you know you’re in the right spot. The men and women who read for CP are varied and glorious, and unique to a person. Their authenticity shines through and adds to the readings that they give.

Tarot readings themselves skew a bit from the perceived norm, as well. Tarot cards are not meant to show you exactly what will happen in your future. They’re a tool to help you see the path in front of you. The funny thing about that path is that it moves. I could give you a very thorough reading, showing you which job looks the most promising, whether your partner is true, and that financially you will be in good shape. And then you could decide to have an affair, you could start slacking at work, or go on a shopping spree that you really shouldn’t have. Free will is very much like the Wheel of Fortune card in readings. The Wheel spins. Sometimes it spins right over your plans. Sometimes it spins right over YOU.

The best way to see a tarot reading is like a flashlight that shines a light a little further down the road than you can see. If you continue on this path, with this intent, this is the most likely outcome. If you decide tomorrow to shave your head and join the Peace Corps? Well, your future is going to be a little different now, isn’t it?

Tarot cards are a valuable tool to help us see if we’re on the right path. Tarot readers are interpreters who use those tools and their own intuition to help us figure out how to make our way down that path safely and happily. Now, excuse me while I go polish my crystal ball.

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