Who Are Your Guardian Angels?

Today we would like to explore the subject of Angels. Do you know which Angels guide you and protect you? Look for more posts and insights from our psychics throughout today to learn more about Angels among us.

Who are your Angels?

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  1. Brigitte

    I feel as if i am in a black hole and cannot get out of it. If I do have an angel, who is it and can he help me. Really need help here. Thank YOU.

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  3. bearwoman75

    i am not sure if i have an gaurdian angel and if i do have one, i would like to know her/his name. i would like to start talking to her/him, maybe like having a very special friend.

  4. shirle

    In dreams Angels come to take me astro traveling to heal others. There are 5 or 6 Angels. We go from one patient to another. One night the Angel said come into my form to heal the next person as he will be frightened if he sees your form but accepts Angels. Without a thought I hopped into the Angel and we proceeded to hands on heal. Yes, I’m an empath and healer. Anyone else have this type of dream (s) ?

  5. kathy

    where to start ,angels have protected me from so so many terrible things. u would never believe if i told you the many times God and his angels stood by me and helped me, and to this day i feel their presence ! angels are always their when u need them, i know , see i have no one to count on, but God and his angels, i am a orphan, jesus /God and his angels are my family, this is a true story, so believe , they are their for you, ask and they will help you . thank you

  6. Sheona

    This message is for Charlene , please don’t give up on yourself. You are a wonderful creation of God. I have been through the feelings you describe. I prayed to mother Mary and The Archangel Michael. I will pray for you and you’ll feel a difference instantly. All you have to do is ask for help and since you mentioned Jesus, I guarantee he will lead you out of the darkness.

    Take Care

  7. corrie

    I believe i have a guardian angel before ,but it seems he/she gave up on me..i have been very stubborn,arrogant and proud at times.i hope she /he will come back and show me the right way again .I am ready to welcome you again and please don”t give up on me<i need you badly .

  8. Gregory W. Clarke

    Attention Charlene!

    Why would you think that God would give up on you even if you gave up on him. You can’t make decisions for him, he’s supreme, Numero Uno, El primo Supremo. He has never given up on one of his children, not one, you’ve got him girl on your side understanding you with compassion and love willing to lift you from your dark place just ask him, say God, the father Almighty, please raise me from this dark place and restore my love and belief and faith and understanding of you that I am being drained of, Thank You Lord!
    WaLa feel better don’t you and that will grow until it radiates from you, Love you to, a friend!!!

  9. Jennifer

    Wow! What msspelled sufered, most people would not survive. I too believe in Guardian Angels. I do not know what mine is named, but I feel her there all of the time. At the age of 10 my step-father started coming into my room at night to fondle and possible do more to me. I did not know what he was doing, but I knew that it was not right. I heard that voice inside say to turn towards the wall and get into a fetal position. That postition saved me for the most part. He did not penetrate me in anyway, just a feel here and there because he could not get to me. I think that we all have Angels, we just have to learn how to listen to them. I thank mine everyday.

  10. Delilah

    So many times you were there for me please Jesus tell me who my guardian angel is or angels watching over me. Everone has a purpose on earth please sweet Jesus tell me what my purpose is.

  11. PJ

    Yes I am intersted in knowing who my guardian angels are!
    I lost my husband two years and two months ago and miss him deeply. I know that even he is my husband and he may be watching over me. But I know we have many in some cases. Can you tell me who mine are?

  12. Osha

    I would love to know who my angels are!!!!!!! But one night I was going through and I decided to go to bed my daughter who was at the time in my bed sleep. So I was having a hard time sleeping and then I looked at the wall and I saw a angel there. My room was dark but on that wall there was a bright angel and all of a sudden my troubles were gone and I started to cry.It was like the angel told me everything was going to be ok. I wish I knew so I can thank my angel!

  13. ERB

    Exactly what are angels? To announce one has any such friends, one must establish they exist. There appears to be some force out there, but what or who? Does it care about individuals? Granted, strange and inexplicable things happen, but attributing them to a given spirit appears to be an oversimplification.

  14. eze ejiofor solomon

    How do i know my Guardian Angele and want is there work in my life?

    Want kind of work are they doing in my life? or in my affiar?


  15. swampi

    i used to work 3 to midnite shift at a nursing home years ago, one nite after work on my way home , i kept seeing 2 cars racing towards me around a curvy section of the road home. i did not understand was going on. there were high stone walls on one side of the road so no way i could see such things,,,
    at one point in the road all of the sudden something took the steering wheel and drove it as close to the wall as it could along side of it and parked my car, all of the sudden 2 cars came ariound the corner racing with one in my lane
    needless to say i was scared witless
    i sat there awile 2 scared to drive again, i said aloud….i do not who u are or what ur are but u need to finish driving me home,,i cannot do it. they drove my car drove me another 6 miles home my hands still had not left that steering wheel but i was not steering it,, when i got home i thanked it properly

  16. sam

    I had a horrible life growing up I allways knew and felt someone was there watching me, I allways seem to get out of danger and trouble when I least expect.Thank you my archangel or angels who watch over me everyday God knows how many times I’ve faced danger and have been protected by you.

  17. Jorge Hoos

    i want to know who is my guardian angel , becouse for the up text i had many stories like that but in diferent mode , i ‘m very sensitive to people i can see the aura, felling they bioenergy inside , and some other thinks , but i dont know how used it , all this for good , nothing to do bad things , but i need some guide , can you help me … thank..

  18. penny

    I have been told my guardian angel is Gabriel himself. I know that God is over all and is All and All.
    I have experienced angels assistance and help many, many times in my life. I believe we have
    thousands assigned to watch over us. I know they exist. Thank God they exist!

  19. Mcallaghan

    I had an experience when I was 18 years old. I was driving with a friend on a fairly busy street. I was driving a little too fast and fiddling with the radio, obviously not paying enough attention to driving. I looked up at the road in front of me as I heard my friend scream. There was a car stopped directly in front of me, not two car lengths away. I closed my eyes expecting an impact. Within a fraction of a second I felt my steering wheel pull to the right. I didn’t do it, something or someone else did. Before I could take a breath we were past the stopped car. My friend in the passenger seat started crying repeating out loud “I can’t believe we’re not dead!”. Neither of us could believe we didn’t crash. I know it sounds strange but I could taste the impact even though it didn’t happen. I have a very strong feeling my guardian angel was responsible for saving me and my friend. To this day I feel the presence of my guardian angel.


    yes i would like to know who is my angel i need to connect very sad and depressed on the verge of losing faith and a breakdown oh jesus help me

  21. Donnette Edwards

    My guardian angel – one of them!- is named Gabriel, which I discovered eventually about 10 years ago after much asking, begging and pleading to know. She DID tell me as soon as I asked, but I didn’t then know how to interpret the signs. So if you are asking let this help you in understanding how angels communicate. It’s often in synchronicities…for example….
    At the time, my favourite tennis player was Gabriella Sabatini.
    Secondly…I was browsing the library when a book all but jumped out at me…so I took it home to read and couldn’t put it down. It was about a man who is guided thru great difficulties by a female angel named Gabriel.
    At this time I was going thru a great deal of stress and began reading and learning about angels. I read that Gabriel was the angel who guided us thru great times of stress called “the dark night of the soul” – kind of like undergoing a crucifixion – and I certainly felt that was my life at that time.
    And lastly…when my husband and I parted in 2002 I stayed temporarily with a friend called Michele. One day I fetched the mail for her and it was addressed to Gabrielle Marta Maria Michele-Meyer. I asked her about this and it turned out that her surname was Michele-Meyer (she’s Austrian) but in England everyone had thought her first name was Michele and for 20 years she had gone by that name….but her REAL name is Gabrielle.
    Suddenly it came to me that this name kept coming at me for a reason….and when next I asked my angel her name it came into my head as Gabriel. So now I talk to her personally – and she always answers. Oh! and my favourite song??? Robbie Williams’ “I/m loving angels instead”!

  22. msspelled

    I believe my angel’s name is Mary and she draws other angelic assistance to her when needed. I should have been killed many times over, yet here I am at 52. I want to share this so others will know the miracles guardian angels can preform.
    I ran away from home at 15. I was snatched up by this HUGE man. He was about 6’4″ and looked like a weight lifter. I was 5’2″ and weighed 99 lbs. I didn’t have a chance, (or so I thought). He savagely, violently and viciously raped me. I was a virgin, so that alone was painful, and quite shocking. Apparently the rape wasn’t enough for him because he beat me silly, and the whole time he kept choking me until I passed out. When I came to he would hit me and then choke me again. I lost count of all time, I just kept passing out and coming back to this nightmare. However, every time I was conscious I knew Mary was right there with me. I kept hearing from a gentle and loving voice, “Don’t panic, just don’t panic.”, over and over again. I already had a relationship with my Mary, so I knew it was her, and to trust her. I should have been panicked, but because of Mary, I was calm. I was like a rag doll as he attacked me. That, all alone, may have been enough to save me from broken bones and such.
    When he was done, he asked me, “How would you like to die? I’ve been in prison for statutory before, and I’m not going back. My only mistake before was that I let the _________live. So, how would you like to die?”
    I heard very strongly, yet gently, “Don’t panic.”
    I asked to go to the bathroom hoping to escape. He went with me.
    I told him I wanted a cigarette and a cup of coffee and then I would tell him how I wanted to die.
    When we sat down I was suddenly pulled right out of the top of my head, and plopped down next to my body.
    I watched him and I talk. I couldn’t hear much, but it was obvious a miracle was unfolding right in front of me. I’d had many conversations with Mary, but this was definitely a first! It was wild sitting next to myself! I don’t know how long she talked to him. Time was never a factor in the entire experience…then plop!
    I was back in my body again. He and I were on our knees and he was crying and praying with me.
    He turned me over to a friend who agreed to keep me locked up for 2 weeks. After that she was to release me. She was true to her word.
    Eventually I went back home…but that’s a whole other story.
    Now that’s a guardian angel for ya! I love you Mary. I’m so grateful to her, and for her being my best friend forever. I feel very blessed and loved, regardless of what has happened. Mary blunted the whole thing so I could handle it as it was happening, and she let me know that no matter what, I would be alright because she was there.
    may peace be with you all………….

  23. Selene

    My Gaurdian Angels Are Camael the Angel of Divine Love *(uses a burst of Red light to show himself), Raphael the Angel of Healers and *(uses a Green Burst of Light to show himself), And PsyBraun He is A Protector Angel sent by request and submission, He is Very Large and Very Bright and appears to have an Electric Blue Crystal Sword in his Right hand, He Tells me the things that are hidden from man, he teaches me of the wayz before, and guides me in battle of wits, or flesh..

  24. Carolyn

    A couple of years ago, I was driving home along the highway, getting ready to make the turnoff into my road, just before a blind corner. The sun was in my eyes, and as I got to my turnoff, I couldn’t see what was coming and was nearly ready to turn. A hand pulled on my shoulder and I stopped turning, just as a truck came speeding around the corner from the opposite direction, if I had kept going, I would have been dead for sure. I’m so grateful that my guardian angel made sure that nothing happened.

  25. Trentgal

    Many years ago on my way to work I had to leave one bus to connect to another bus.That connection involved crossing a large intersection.Usually I made the connection about 7:10 in the morning.No one was around the streets at that time.As I was about to cross the street from the little island divider,I felt a push on my chest ,making me take a backward step.As I was taking “that” backward step a car out of no where was making the turn and would have struck me…As the car was passsing in front of me I realized I had been saved by…either my guardian angel or spirit guide…However I am forever grateful.

  26. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I have felt my father’s grandmother, and my grandmother’s grandma, as well as my mother’s grandmother, that she never even met……And then, my own grandfather, who has actually fixed things for me as he was a fix it man when he was alive. I have to admit, being close to my grandmother, who just turned 100, she has a trail of people attaching to her from the other side. I can honestly say, about 9 months ago, my grandmother and I broke a coffee pot. The thing was shot. For some reason, my grandma left it plugged in. If my grandfather would have been alive, he would have had that fixed ASAP. Well, about a half hour later, we heard the coffee pot dripping….And what was next to the coffee pot? A picture of my deceased grandfather. He fixed the coffee pot….Amazing…and in spirit..He answers us all of the time like that. It feels good to have protection from the other side.
    You can have it, too…..Be open minded, and try.
    They can hear you! If you would like to explore this, I can help you. This is one of my passions!
    Miss Krystal

  27. Looli

    Jacqueline and Maryanne — Thank you all for your comments, so very kind and comforting. I am getting ready to ask for that kind of help. All I know for sure is that I am deeply missing the closeness of this person I believe I need to find.
    My ex-husband’s great aunt was close to me and when I go into that area of town I can still hear her voice, and feel her presence. Sometimes I think this is my imagination, but then I think what do I know of what goes on behind the curtain? I sometimes drive by stuff that I know she liked to see, just because if she is there with me, she would like me to.
    Back to the subject of angels, I was hoping that the father-in-law who died would take my son under his wing because he seemed to need guidance. But I don’t have the feeling he really did. However, Sonny is doing better with himself as he has a girlfriend, and she is great guidance for him. I wonder if sometimes angels do refuse requests or are reluctant to help. It seems to me that they would be beyond the pettiness that we find so much in our lives, but are they?
    There is a lot going on around me while I am stuck at home with the flu, and I think it is a good time for me to think about these things. I am appreciating your good company, thoughts and comments while I do this. Thank you!

  28. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    My paternal grandmother died 6 months before I was born and, as Gina Rose mentioned, she has always served as a “drop-in” guide in my life. There are special areas in which I feel her gentle guidance, and I am so grateful that I am able to “know her” now.
    Ext. 9146

  29. Kell

    Gina Rose, thank you for your response. It really clarifies it for me. It also raises more questions as to who my spirit guides are since I hear so much from my deceased friends and great-grandmother lately. Again, thank you.
    Love & Light,

  30. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    And Angels, you could say, are Master Guides…..they step in when all else fails, **** or because of DIVINE intervention……Angels resonate on a much higher spiritual, octave plane than our regular spirit guides, or the lesser( but still important ) drop-in guides.
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  31. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Just to clarify ” why ” deceased relatives do not normally act our regular guides….
    ..reason is that our ” regular ” spirit guides, the ones we are born with, who walk by our side until death….those regular guides USED TO BE souls on the earthly plane…who, thru various life incarnations, are so evolved that they no longer have to incarnate anymore to the earthly plane. They then STAY on the other side and act as regular spirit guides.
    Deceased relatives are not generally regular spirit guides as they are not that fully evolved yet….but, deceased relatives DO act as drop-in guides BETWEEN incarnations.
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500

  32. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Kell,
    I’ve died and crossed over twice, so far, in this lifetime…..relatives generally do NOT act as spirit guides for you.
    However… Relatives DO act as ” DROP-IN ” external guides though from time to time.
    There is no specific amount of guides a person can or cannot have….as everybody is different with a different Karmic lifepath and purpose .
    Guardian Angels are much different than our regular spirit guides….they operate on a much higher spiritual plane…they are on a higher octave so to speak.
    Both Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and special drop-in Guides can only help so much though….they can guide us, giving us signs, to light up the way…they can give us signs in the dream state…..but they cannot really interfer, too much, with our Karmic growth.
    We are down here, on the earthly plane to learn….we learn by making mistakes….the key is to try not make the same mistake twice….but ultimately, it is up to us to do the work.
    A ” guide ” is just that…..here to help guide us in the right direction…and comfort us when we are scared or unsure.
    Our Karmic path is what we make it….
    I hope this helps….
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  33. Kell

    I am very happy to see a blog about this subject. I have received contradictory information surrouding guardian angels, guardians and spirit guides. A few psychics have told me that two of my friends that passed are guides for me. Another psychic told me that this is not possible and that we are born into this world with 5 spirit guides that help us along our lives here. I would like to know which if either is true. Can friends and family that have passed become guides or guardians? I also sometimes feel a great deal of energy that I used to read as anxiety and am not totally sure what that means as well.

  34. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Looli….
    Hi Looli, many times our guardian angels or guides are past on relatives like your grandfather, and yes he is one of your guardian angels, and when you ask for there help they will help you find that special person in your life they are here to help and when asked they can on a stronger deeper level.
    Blessings Hugs and Hearts!
    Jacqueline x9472

  35. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Jacqueline…
    Hello Jacqueline love your name…LOL, That is so fascinating that you have such a connection to your guides, you had mentioned that your guide Mylan who was a strong part of your life at one time is now somewhat in the distance, but comes when you call on him,
    When I crossed over I was shown that our guides come to us at a time when we need them the most and once there role in our life is completed they then will take a distance role but always apart of our life, I just wanted to share this with you!
    Blessings Hugs and Hearts!
    Jacqueline x9472

  36. Looli

    I have always had a strong sense of the presence of a guardian angel ever since I was very young. I know that about that same time, my grandmother had died, but this is distinctly a male presence. I had a grandfather that died before I was born. Could it be him? Or maybe guardian angels don’t work that way? I like to believe they do. I also feel there is “someone out there” for me, but we can’t seem to find each other! How do we do this? Can our angels help us?!

  37. Jacqueline

    I have been in contact with my Spirit Guide for approximately 15 years now. I got to know them when I started spirit “writing”. I opened up to the possibilities and (with some perseverance) there they were! Mylan started me on this introduction by actually coming to me. When I communicate with my guides, I do not need to use “writings” now. I communicate with a knowing. That is the best way I can describe it. I do not hear words, or voices, I just know, or have a knowledge that comes into me. Being a writer, I also have received most of my works in this manner. And some come to me as an Insta-dump of info. When this happens, I sometimes struggle to get all the information written down before I lose it. I have seven main guides, and at least two apprentice guides. That I know of that is. I have been in touch with all but two of my main guides. . My guides are as diversified as my portfolio! And rightfully so.. I can utilize their abilities and specialties, as I need them. They rarely come to me, unless I call upon them anymore. But, sometimes they pop in at the most unexpected times. Mylan has moved up and along on his spiritual path, and I do not communicate with him much anymore. But, he is there if I call to him in need. It is fun to know your guides! Each as a different energy, and I like to feel the influx of energy change as I change who I am in touch with. They do not appear to converse with each other, although there is some strange understanding that they are aware of each other. When I first discovered my guides, I communicated much more, and on a much more concrete level. Now, I do not consciously ask to communicate with them much, and when I do get information, it is more diluted and less detailed. But, I still have the knowledge when I sit and feel that they are still with me. Love and Light….


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