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Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Aries and Cancer

An Aries and Cancer match is both nurturing and challenging. These two cardinal signs know how to keep it real, and that’s a good thing. Together, this energy can create a pair that is the best of friends, but also the fiercest of moody competitors – they can both brood with the best of them.

This couple can generate heat, passion and a bit of tension. The challenges that this pairing presents can either break them apart or become the source of growth between them. Aries is independent and goal-oriented but they also know how to kick back and relax like a pro. Cancer is more of a homebody who likes to create a cozy, comfy home base. Sharing a space they can share is essential to this intense connection’s lasting commitment. However, they also need a “territory” within that space to call their own, such as a man cave or a she shed.

Don’t get the idea, though, that this relationship is all about maxing and relaxing – far from it. With these two under one roof, there will always be a bit of each one pushing their own agenda, creating a bit of friction. Heat in a relationship can be intriguing and sexually appealing or it can be the cause for some intense opposition. Compromise is a necessary component to this relationship.

Love by Element:  Fire and Water

When fire (Aries) and water (Cancer) get together, they can create some intense and steamy situations. It’s easy to see the appeal for water, as it can be transformed by fire from cold to hot. Water is only capable of putting a fire out. Still, Aries just can’t resist the feeling of power it derives from being the one who creates that steam. Fire likes to live on the edge, and water gets caught up in all of the excitement of the intense emotions. These two elements together may not make perfect sense, but it’s also a pairing that both can find hard to resist.

The Good Side of Aries and Cancer

When Aries and Cancer find the perfect balance between them, they can form an unstoppable pair. Couples like this who are three signs apart share the same quality – in this case Aries and Cancer are both cardinal signs (they start the seasons). Therefore, both possess strong leadership qualities that together make them an unbeatable power source that could light up a city. Their shared cardinal qualities mean they possess similar values and outlooks on life.

The Bad Side of Aries and Cancer

Being three signs apart on the zodiac wheel puts the Aries/Cancer meetup at a 90-degree angle, known in astrology as a square. Squares are aspects that put signs (and planets) at odds with each other. This can create a lot of uncomfortable tension. Aries and Cancer represent the fourth (mother) and tenth (father) houses in each other’s charts. This can be a difficult position, especially if either have unresolved parental issues from their past. In this sense, this relationship can open up some old wounds that can either help them both to finally heal or it can be the cause of a major rift.

The Keys to a Successful Union

With two powerful forces under one roof, there’s a definite need to find the balance between them. They must develop stability, compromise, mutual respect and keep the lines of communication open in order to keep their passionate pairing alive and thriving.

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