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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer and Cancer

When Cancer and Cancer meet, it can be an instantaneous meeting of two hearts, minds and souls. These two die-hard romantics love being together whether cooking, eating, sitting in comfortable silence or getting a jump on creating the next generation. Though their homebody ways may seem boring to the outside world, they are anything but to these lovers. There aren’t very many things that can keep this couple apart, aside from perhaps having different vocations and simultaneous bouts of moodiness. Together, Cancer and Cancer feel fully understood by their mate and entirely at ease in their relationship.

Home is the Fortress of Solitude for these emotionally-spun and sensitive souls. As a romantic couple, Cancer and Cancer are warm, attentive and caring. Birthdays, anniversaries and even a celebration of the first time they met are essential moments and milestones in a Cancer and Cancer relationship. Of course, sex for this couple is tender, romantic and spiritual; they communicate their many emotions through gestures rather than words.

Love by Element:  Water and Water

Streams run into rivers and rivers run to the ocean. In life, water is always seeking water, and when one Cancer meets another, they are instantly drawn to each other.  However, there are different water types; for instance, salt water and spring water, hot water and cold water. There’s no guarantee that a Water and Water relationship will bond and grow, but when Water commits to Water, there’s no separating the two once they’ve become one. As Water signs, Cancer and Cancer can likely communicate on a psychic level; no words needed. This intuitive connection follows them into the bedroom where the “I feel” couple are both romantic and sentimental. As elemental matches go, this coupling has plenty to share.

The Good Side of Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and Cancer are two loving souls who “feel” every touch, emotion, and even thought of their partner—they’re intuitively and soulfully connected. These are two homebodies who love spending time working on making home a blissful sanctuary. It’s almost assured that they’ll have a whirlwind courtship that leads to marriage and starting a family in record time. Cancer and Cancer inspire each other artistically, romantically, and parentally. Both love to create cuisine and share it with friends and family, capturing moments on camera and covering the walls with pictures and memories. Their home, no matter how big or small, is cozy and quaint and a place that anyone would find inviting. If possible, they’ll likely live on or near the water, as it gives them both a feeling of peace.

The Bad Side of Cancer and Cancer

Cancer is the sign of motherly energy in astrology. Cancer and Cancer together are great parents, but someone has to inject a little male energy into this union to keep sex and attraction thriving. Cancers are wonderful lovers, and sex doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of procreation. Also, as two homebodies, it’s definitely a healthy idea to plan vacations and weekend getaways to keep things interesting. Get a babysitter, dress up, and go on a date or have a party. Otherwise, too much mothering can become smothering, or worse, become boring.

Keys to a Successful Union

Cancer couples have the same challenges that any same-sign couples might have—basically, to know and love thyself—that means all the good, the bad and, in this case, all the moodiness in between. Cancers need love, attention and affection, so it’s nice to have a partner that understands that—give what you’d like to receive.

Here’s the key to success: Cancer and Cancer will thrive as long as they respect and accept one another, flaws and all. Having hobbies and projects separate from one another is healthy and adds a little spark. Most importantly, having a heap of friends and family around feeds both their souls.


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