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Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer and Scorpio

When Cancer meets Scorpio, it can feel like a meeting of star-crossed soulmates. There’s an instant spark between these two. Both are intuitive, especially with each other. They can easily convey emotions, even in the absence of words, no matter the scenario. While neither jumps too quickly into romance as an unwritten rule, it’s easier to let their guard down with each other. Cancer and Scorpio feel safe sharing vulnerabilities and feelings that they would never admit to anyone else.

Both Cancer and Scorpio can be moody, loving, nurturing and even sexually intense. These two run the gambit of the emotional sphere. Fidelity is also essential to both, so if Scorpio gets a little possessive, it will help to reassure Cancer that they are loved. Together Cancer and Scorpio can be a faithful, loving couple. They both want the same thing out of a relationship and out of life – a lovely home, a loving family and an incredible sexual connection with their other half.

Love by Element:  Water and Water

In love as in life, water always seeks water.  So when a Cancer finds themselves face-to-face with a Scorpio, they’ll likely feel an irresistible attraction.  Cancer’s best match can be another Water sign, and although Scorpio can fit well with just about anyone, they’re at their best with a fellow Water sign as well.  Cancer and Scorpio both want the same things in love – home, family, stability.  Both match each other’s intensity in and out of the bedroom, and communication doesn’t always require words.  Both can also be moody, so they understand one another, however, being so alike doesn’t mean total bliss.  If anger or jealousy become part of the dynamic, it can have devastating effects on this relationship.

The Good Side of Cancer and Scorpio

When Cancer and Scorpio meet, it’s an instant attraction of two Water signs who feel they’ve discovered their soulmate. In relationships, both can be possessive, jealous, and even afraid of love because it makes them feel vulnerable. Of course, mostly they keep these feelings to themselves, but with the bonding of these kindred spirits, they can talk about anything, even their deepest fears and emotions. Both love a home they can call their sanctuary and both long to be with faithful, loving partners who hopefully want families, pets, and the white picket fence. When Cancer and Scorpio meet, it’s reasonably safe to say that they can end their search for “the one.”

The Bad Side of Cancer and Scorpio

Both Cancer and Scorpio have to build a feeling of trust as jealousy can be a harmful side of this relationship. If they understand their partner’s boundaries, they’ll have to consciously be aware that they are not overstepping the lines of trust. Also, both like to be in charge to some degree, so finding things that each can be responsible for is key to sharing the throne. And watch out when the subject of feelings comes up. Each feels deeply about love, work, family, and relationships, and their discussion on those topics could be never-ending. Someone will have to give in occasionally to appease the other, but if it makes their partner happy, there shouldn’t be many problems.

Keys to a Successful Union

Cancer and Scorpio are born four signs apart; they form an easy angle to one another, known as a trine in astrology. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are all part of this watery and intuitive trine. Emotions, therefore, are part of the territory, and they can run the gambit between romantic to rambunctious. Still, neither of you has ever felt more at home.

Here’s their key to success: These two guarded souls can finally feel safe and comfortable. Intuitively, both know that this relationship is a winner. Both can show love and express how lucky they feel to have each other, so do it often. Also, inviting people of different elements into their lives keeps it interesting.

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