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Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer and Virgo                                                   

When Queen wrote the lyrics to “You’re My Best Friend,” they must have had a Cancer and Virgo love match in mind. Because they are born two signs apart, friendship is the energy of this connection. In relationships, these two sentimental and simpatico souls both seek security and a happy home life. Even if sparks don’t fly initially when they meet, they recognize something within each other that makes this connection work. Both will always put a lot of effort into communicating well and supporting their other half in all they do.

Separately, Cancer and Virgo can collect a lot of stuff; however, when they come together, a more conservative vibe takes over. It won’t be long after Cancer and Virgo meet that they’ll be planning and saving for their future. However, it’s vital that these two also enjoy the present moment by occasionally leaving their comfortable digs for some outings and adventures. If they work on that blissful feeling of love and commitment, and allow each other some space as well, Cancer and Virgo will flourish as a couple. Romantically, these two enjoy a spiritual, as well as physical, connection that is special and unique.

Love by Element:  Water and Earth

Due to the nurturing environment created between Water and Earth, Cancer and Virgo can create a fruitful match. Intuitive Cancer is magnetically drawn to Virgo, like the waves of the ocean are drawn to shore. They may appear to clash at first, but Cancer and Virgo enjoy the volley of energy between them, and it seems to grow deeper over time. However, Cancer and Virgo (aka Water and Earth) need to maintain a bit of autonomy in their relationship. If Water and Earth spend all of their time together, they can become a mud puddle. Perhaps this too is enjoyable, after all, only high-end spas offer mud baths. However, it might also leave these two feeling stuck which won’t make either very happy in the long run.

The Good Side of Cancer and Virgo

Cancer and Virgo make a wonderful grounded couple, and Cancer especially may fall for their Virgo pretty fast. Both of these souls are sentimental, not to mention polite and hard-working. In fact, when together for a while, they may spark the conservative side in each other as they start to make plans for the future as both Cancer and Virgo are security-minded people. These two will save their hard-earned cash to buy a house and spend many blissful hours in bed, enjoying each other’s sensual side and possibly even discussing how many kids they want to fill that house up with. Sensitive Cancer finds Virgo’s manners and down-to-earth temperament a joy to be with. More than that, Virgo is a faithful sign, and that’s something Cancer can appreciate more than anything.

The Bad Side of Cancer and Virgo

Every relationship, no matter how good, can have its problems. For Cancer and Virgo, the worst is that they are consummate worriers. Also, these two love their home and enjoy the times they get to spend there together. They’ll like to spend time attending sales and auctions and finding treasures for their home on short outings. They may need to build a garage to house all of the stuff they buy. Better yet, having a garage sale and spending that money on vacation might be better for their home and their relationship.

The Keys to Success

Cancer and Virgo are two signs apart on the zodiac wheel. This is a relationship that works as friends, friends with benefits (FWBs), or a romantic relationship. Communication is open and flows freely. Cancer “feels” and Virgo “thinks”—remember that each is a valuable approach to finding solutions.

Here’s their key to success: Cancer and Virgo can form quite a comfortable cocoon at home — starting an organic garden will both ground them as a couple and honor the delicate stomach areas their signs rule. Also, hit the road once or twice a year—historical sites interest them both. Keep the spark of love alive; pick a date night and stick to it.

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