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Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility

Capricorn and Virgo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Capricorn and Virgo

When Capricorn and Virgo come together for love, it can be a grounded, stable and security-driven connection. Some may feel that so much stability is grounds for boredom, and that’s always a possibility, but not likely for these two. They both have a healthy sexual appetite and a zest for life. A Capricorn and Virgo relationship is the perfect example of best friends who become the best of lovers. These two are planners with an eye on the future. And even with all that go-getter energy between them, they have an unexpected soothing effect on one another.

These two take work seriously and derive a lot of pleasure by socializing and being accepted by others. Of course, the trust and fidelity between them will be their most important connection. The romantic and physical intimacy they enjoy together is marvelous as well. A united Capricorn and Virgo couple have what it takes to be best friends forever (with excellent benefits), and their tight bond will only grow stronger with time.

Love by Element:  Earth and Earth

Capricorn and Virgo are two Earth signs that have tons more in common than just their element. However, it’s the Earth-Earth vibe that makes this love match one of astrology’s best. These two are forward thinkers with a plan that they develop together, execute together, and enjoy the fruits of together. Security is essential to Capricorn and with a partner like Virgo, anything they desire they’ll achieve—a thriving business or a beautiful home, these two have no limits.

Behind closed doors, these two serious-minded workaholics are transformed into a sensual and erotic couple whose connection is one that others would envy. Virgo is often thought to be one of astrology’s greatest lovers and Capricorn has a naughty side that they’ll only reveal in private. Together they make the earth move for one another.

The Good Side of Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorn and Virgo together in love form a grounded couple with a lot in common. Capricorn has finally found their match, the one who understands why they’re so focused on work. Of all the zodiac’s workaholics, these two are the most dedicated. Their goal in life is stability and comfort. Some may call that boring, but for these two it’s a turn-on. Sexually, Capricorn, and Virgo both like to take their time getting to the intimate level. However, once they are “a couple,” intimacy and all, they’ll likely stay together for life, barring any genuinely extreme situations. From the initial attraction to their long-term goals, these two only grow closer and more comfortable with time.

The Bad Side of Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorn and Virgo are all about stability and feeling grounded, but they’re also very sensual. As intimacy grows, there’s a lot to discover within these two deeper wells. However, at worst, this couple could be too focused on security and investments to pay attention to their sex life. Comfortability could lead to complacency, and that’s never good for any couple. If this happens, one or both may be tempted to stray to something more exciting. Since neither are real fans of meaningless connections, they’d do better to stop all the planning and work on their own connectivity. If they delve into the areas of tantric sex or even a little role-playing, they may unlock the underlying wild side they both possess.

Keys to a Successful Union

Capricorn and Virgo are four signs apart on the zodiac wheel. That means it’s an easy-going connection between two signs of the same element – in this case, the earth element. Both enjoy structure, tradition, and security in a relationship. For the most part, this is a balanced and agreeable connection. They can also both be ambitious workaholics.

Here’s their key to success: All work and no play can become boring and put a damper on love. Don’t take each other for granted as happy couples require some attention to keep them that way. Keep the romance alive. Make a designated date night, dress up for one another and compliment each other often.

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    I agree on Virgo and Capricorn, that’s me and my husband meet in 79, marry in 83, we are still together


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