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Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Aquarius

When social Leo meets spirited Aquarius, their interest is instantly piqued. As a couple, Leo and Aquarius are like two grown-up kids. They’re thrill seekers out looking for adventure and excitement. Loyal Leo will probably look to turn light-hearted dating into a real relationship, and perhaps way too soon for the more carefree Aquarius, who prefers to live life without a label on it.

The chemistry between Leo and Aquarius is intense and electric, and sex is likely one of their favorite activities. In bed, Leo feels the initial spark reignited, and Aquarius’ desire to switch things up and trying new things is satisfied. The bedroom is one room where their inner-confidence and playfulness shine. However, if Leo is anxious to hear the L-word from their Aquarian lover, it probably won’t be in moments of passion, but rather while they’re standing on a mountaintop or sharing a burrito, and Leo will know their love is real.

Love by Element: Fire and Air

Fiery Leo is undoubtedly interested, if not perplexed, by the mysterious Air sign of Aquarius, so the first thing this couple will have to learn is to appreciate their differences. Leo loves a challenge—they want to know more, so they pursue this quirky relationship. One thing Leo and Aquarius do have in common is that they are both kids at heart. hey never tire of playing games, and they’re always ready for a new adventure. Aquarius is an Air sign, however, and ruled by the unpredictable, geeky, and tech-savvy, Uranus. Leo may grow restless and resentful in this relationship. Fire signs look for adventures outside of the computer and Aquarius can get a little lost in cyberspace sometimes. It’s not an easy match, but also not impossible.

The Good Side of Leo and Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius could easily be considered opposites. Leo likes approval as much as they want attention. Aquarius is the rebel who likes to shake-up the status quo. Aquarius rules the house of friendship and Leo governs the house of love. They may want the same things but in the reverse order. These are the very reasons that Leo finds Aquarius so fascinating. In a relationship, they are like two kids on a playground who have no trouble making friends. Of course, as adults the games are more daring—hang gliding, rock climbing, or even joining the local softball team. These two bond over doing things together. They’ll have to maintain an active life if they’re going to maintain a long-term relationship, although it may be challenging. At least behind closed doors, they’re compatible enough to forget their other worries for a while.

The Bad Side of Leo and Aquarius

This relationship can start off hot and heavy as the fascination in their differences is enticing. However, Leo and Aquarius’s love affair can also end as abruptly as it starts. Leo is a relationship sign, while Aquarius is not a fan of commitment. When each realizes the distinct differences and how difficult they can be, those two playground kids may wind up in a mud fight. While it is Leo who desires commitment and monogamy most, however, by the time Aquarius decides to play it Leo’s way, it may wind up being too late in the game.

Keys to a Successful Union

Leo and Aquarius are a classic case of opposites attract. On the zodiac wheel, they stand opposite of each other, or six signs apart. This can be challenging for both signs on a personal and partnership level. This could also be a karmic relationship, but for sure, it will be a soul-elevating experience.

Here’s the key to success: You guessed it, finding balance and learning compromise is a big part of making this match work. Leo wants to be in love with their best friend and Aquarius wants a friend they can love. They approach similar goals but from different angles. When united, they can be an unstoppable team.


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