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Libra and Pisces Compatibility

Libra and Pisces Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sign Compatibility: Libra and Pisces  

When Libra and Pisces meet and match, it can quickly become a “John and Yoko” situation where two become one in every conceivable way. Queue the romantic music, candlelight and follow their rose petal path to Blissville. Libra and Pisces can share an intense and almost intuitive connection, especially in the boudoir. Money may be an area where these two have different outlooks, but together they can find a happy medium where the bills get paid, the vacation gets taken, and there’s still some left for a rainy day. Libra’s social contacts and savvy ideas can help Pisces cash-in on their creative talents.

Pisces is the dreamer and Libra more the realist, but they can balance each other out, and form a dynamic relationship. Pisces, with their flexible, go-with-the-flow attitude is happy to follow Libra’s lead. That is, of course, as long as socialite Libra doesn’t balk at Pisces’ occasional need to be alone in peace. Pisces can help surface-dwelling Libra to explore some emotional depths they’ve probably never felt before.

Love by Element:  Air and Water

Air and Water couples aren’t an ideal match, but they aren’t an impossible match either. Air signs like Libra operate from the head; they’re thinkers. Water signs lead with their hearts; they’re highly emotional. These two will enjoy hours of conversation about life, love, and different cultures. If Libra allows Pisces to take them deeper into the ocean of emotion, rather than just skimming the surface, they may find it to be an enlightening experience. On a social level, Pisces likes their well-worn group of friends and family, while Libra is continually adding new friends to the circle. As a Water sign, this can make Pisces uncomfortable; it takes them a bit to trust strangers. Compromise will be this couple’s best friend.

The Good Side of Libra and Pisces

Libra and Pisces are die-hard romantics. When they meet and make a match, it’s a magical fairytale come to life where they share their dreams, hopes, and wishes, and feel like they’ve found the prince or princess who can fulfill them all. Finally, they’ve both found someone who loves love the way they do. Pisces wants to share their emotional and romantic values—they want to explain how they would save the world from war and hunger if they could. This is all fine with Libra who has some lofty thoughts of their own, but Pisces wants to know not just what’s in Libra’s thoughts, but in their hearts. Pisces dives deep in this ocean of emotion, and Libra may find it difficult at times to match the depth, but if they try, it will genuinely transform their lives.

The Bad Side of Libra and Pisces

The first problem Libra and Pisces may encounter is when they doubt their relationship is for real. That analysis could become obsessive and ruin the great connection they have otherwise. They’ve just got to trust that living in the moment is all they need to be happy, and the rest will work itself out. Of course, life does take some planning and structure, but this is where Libra’s cardinal side can step in. Libra does have a fondness for the material world, but Pisces could care less. Money could be one area where Libra would need to help Pisces see the value of savings, and Pisces will likely appreciate the effort.

Keys to a Successful Union

Libra and Pisces are born five signs apart. Some say this is a karmic connection, and that may be true. One thing is for sure, these two are the ultimate odd couple, who astrologically have nothing in common. However, they have an undeniable attraction toward one another, and their bond can become nothing short of intense.

Here’s the key to success:  Meeting later in life and once they’ve both lived some life makes them both more evolved as individuals and therefore better as a couple. Loving and accepting themselves is the key to loving their partner for who they are. Have fun uncovering the cosmic reason for being together.


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